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Fax services usually provide you with free fax cover sheets, but it is always helpful to have a template at hand.  Here you will find professional fax cover sheets that you can use for free when faxing online. You can download them or print them, depending on what you need.

The fax cover sheets you can find below come in two formats: PDF and DOC.  PDF is a popular format, but these files are only readable, that’s why we have chosen to fax a PDF with editable fields.  Cover letters converted to DOC, on the other hand, can be customized with a text editor.

Below you’ll find the top over fax sheets, feel free to suggest any other good example you find!

To use them you can send an email to fax.  All file formats are compatible with fax services.

NOTE: We have removed direct links to the templates.  You still can search for these templates on the Web, but make sure you are using a secure website to download them.

What is a Fax Cover Sheet?

A fax cover sheet or cover page is a page that precedes the document you fax during a transmission.  The purpose of this page is to send more details of the fax or the sender, as well as providing information about the recipient.  Some companies also use them as a marketing tool, especially when faxing to customers, but the pages we offer here are not for that use.

There’s no rule about how a cover page should look. In fact you will find that some senders prefer plain ones while others go for pages that have a little bit more of design involved. We have included a good mix, so that you can easily find one that suits the style of your fax.

Traditionally your fax cover page contains this information:

  • Your name
  • Your recipient’s name
  • Your phone and/or fax number
  • Date
  • Number of pages expected for the transmission

Is It Necessary to Incude a Fax Cover Sheet?

No, this is an optional step when sending an online fax.  Services only require the recipient’s number as well as the actual document to be faxed.  The final decision is up to you.  Some businesses like to include them for easy recognition, some, love the branding opportunities when you send a fax.  But the truth is that even if you don’t include one, the fax will come along with all the neccesary details.

What are the Styles of Fax Cover Sheets?

Here is a selection of different styles of cover pages, so you can get an idea of how they look like and which one could be more useful to you.

1. Basic Cover Fax Sheetbasic fax cover page

This fax cover letter is “just a simple spreadsheet,” according to its creator.  This means that you can open and edit it using an application such as Excel (PC) or Numbers (Mac).  It is a basic template with all the necessary editable fields you need. Its simplicity also makes it easy to customize and tailor to your needs.

This is a rather plain cover page but works very well from a design point of view.  The diferent sections are clearly recognizable so you can transmit the information very quickly, without wsting attention in other details, or lack of them!

2. Microsoft Office Business Fax Cover Sheet


office fax cover page

This template has been created and uploaded by the Microsoft team for people who create fax letters using Word.  It is incredibly easy to customize. As you can see, the template is simple, to the point and doesn’t waste time in organization of information or details, but it does give you all the required fields where you can enter the desired information.

3. Confidential Fax Cover Sheet

confidential fax cover sheet

If you need to make it clear that an individual fax contains sensitive information, use this template.  It includes a header with the “confidential” warning and all the necessary spaces to fill.  It looks professional and is available in pdf and doc file formats.

This template is a good example of using graphics elegantly to convey importance.  the information section is clean and minialist, but the header states very clear additional information about the document that is being sent.

4. Formal Corporate Cover Sheet

formal fax cover page

This straightforward and effective fax cover sheet can be edited pretty quickly using Microsoft Word.  It has a header as well as all the necessary fields including the fax delivery date, the number of pages, sender info and the message.

Extra Alternative: Use Your Fax Service

Using the sheets provided for free by your fax service might be the best alternative if none of the above convinces you.  These templates can be downloaded from your account to use with your online fax account, or you can use them directly either by faxing from your phone or by using your service’s online fax dashboard. If downloading files from the Internet seem too risky for you, it is because it’s true!  Unless you can be 100% the file you are downloading is secure, you are better off using your service’s options.

The pages provided by your service have the advantage of being easily inculded in your messages, especially if you are using your online dashboard or your mobile application.

Choosing a professional-looking fax cover letter is always a good idea, because every communication says something about your company. Don’t worry, services have plenty of good alternatives, at least the top-rated ones!  Always talk to a representative to make sure cover pages are available for customers.

Are You Ready To Use a Cover Sheet?

As you can see, we have selected the best cover sheets based on simplicity, and this is because the cover letter needs to be easily readable not only on computers but also on fax machines, which print out documents in black and white.  Remember that there are still millions of businesses using fax machines, so sending a fax cover letter with colors is a bad idea (unless you are sure the person on the other end is also using online fax), it will only make the message muddier.


Fax services usually provide you with free fax cover sheets, but it is always helpful to have a template at hand.  Here you will find professional fax cover sheets that you can use for free when faxing online. You can download them or print them, depending on what you...