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Learn how to fax from Gmail in just a few simple steps and link your account to a virtual number, turning your computer or smartphone into a digital fax machine.  With the help of email fax services, you can send a fax the same way you send an email, making it very easy to make the jump to online fax!

Gmail is no doubt the most popular free email service on the Web right now.  Owned by Google, Gmail started out as an invite-only service but now is the preferred provider for hundreds of millions of users all around the Globe.  The fact is that Gmail has proven to be an invaluable tool not only for personal purposes but also for business.

One of the coolest things about Gmail is that you can combine it with other Google services such as Google Drive (previously Google Docs), Maps or Calendars.  This saves a lot of time and money because you don’t have to switch accounts for every thing you do.  However, one of the features that we can’t find is the ability to fax from Gmail directly.

The search engine giant has apparently no plans to give us an integrated Gmail fax solution, and in their Google Voice support page, they have stated that they have no plans to add fax features soon.  So what is left for us to do if we want to send a fax using Gmail?  We need a compatible email to fax solution, and luckily, you can find one very quick. Let’s get started!

How to Send Fax from Gmail in 5 Steps

Let’s take a look at how you send a fax from email using a fax service. It is a straightforward process. It is very similar to traditional emailing but with a few differences, mainly that:

  • Instead of entering the recipient’s email in the TO field, you enter the fax number in an email format (sounds more complicated than it is, you can find the details below).
  • The fax content is a digital document (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.) you attach to your email message.
  • On the main MESSAGE, you enter the text of the cover page if you need to.

Please note that to try out the steps below, you’ll need an account with a fax service.  A free trial account should also work fine if you don’t want to spend money while you get your feet wet in the world of email faxing. Just pick the service you want and start faxing away!

STEP 1:  Enter your Gmail account, and click on the COMPOSE button to start creating a new email.
Gmail fax step 1

STEP 2:  On the TO field, enter the desired fax number followed by “@faxprovider.com.”  Here, replace faxprovider.com with the domain given by your fax service provider.To make it clearer, let’s suppose you want to send a fax to the number 999-999-999 and you are using eFax.  The recipient’s address should look like this: 999999999@efaxsend.comPlease refer to your service’s welcome email or Help section to learn which domain to use.
how to fax from gmail step 2

STEP 3:  Enter the message you want to appear on the cover page using either the SUBJECT or the MESSAGE field.

STEP 4:  Attach the document you wish to fax.  You can pick from different common file types such as DOC, TXT, XLS, JPG, BMP, and TIFF.  Some services provide a wider range of file compatibility than others.You can either upload these documents from your computer or pull them directly from your Google Drive account, using the Drive icon located next to the paper clip.fax-google-drive

STEP 5.  Now your fax is composed and ready to be sent.  To complete the process just press the SEND button!

It shouldn’t take longer than a minute to send a fax from your computer, after which you’ll receive a confirmation message or an error message detailing what went wrong during the sending process.  Getting these error messages is very rare though, Gmail fax services automatically re-try sending the fax at least three times before reporting an issue.

Try Gmail Fax for Free!

A Google fax service such as RingCentral or eFax gives you the chance of opening a free account that lasts for 30 days.  These accounts are fully featured, which means you can fax in the same way as a paid user, which in turn means you can easily fax from email!

There are also other online fax services that give you a limited number of faxes without cost, usually 5 to 10, and from there you have to continue paying per fax.  In my opinion, this is an alternative that can end up being more costly if you later decide for a paid service, but it’s another option that you can use. Keep in mind that they don’t integrate with your email, all faxing is done through a website.

How To Receive Fax Using Email

Besides letting you send fax online, virtual fax services also allow you to receive faxes automatically in your Gmail inbox thanks to a free Google fax number that is provided at the time of signing up for an account.

fax to email

The process is pretty straightforward: when someone sends you a fax to your free fax number, the contents of said fax are forwarded to your fax service’s servers, where it is converted into an Adobe PDF file, a digital document.  Once it is converted, the service sends you an email with the PDF as an attachment.  From there you can either choose to read it and store it digitally or print it to have a hard copy.

Additional Features

Although at first fax services offered only basic capabilities (sending and receiving), nowadays technology has allowed them to include other features that have proved to be invaluable for both businesses and individuals.  These features have given us more control of our documents, and at the same time contribute to saving us time and money.

Fax scheduling.  Remember when you had to wait several minutes or even hours in the office just to send a fax at the right time? Well, that’s a thing of the past.  By using a Gmail fax service, you can set the exact time and date you want a fax to be delivered and then forget about it.  You will receive a confirmation email once the fax has been fully sent.

Fax from cell phones.  You can find free fax apps for Android and iPhones by the top fax service providers. These cool apps integrate with your online fax account and your Gmail address so that you can send a new fax with just a few taps.  You can send documents by either attaching them or by snapping a picture with your mobile’s camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to have a Gmail email or can I use my domain name based emails?
    You can use any email you have!   We focus on Gmail because it is free and easy to use!
  • What’s the cost of a faxing service?
    Services have a monthly fee of $10 in average.  There are many variables regarding features and support, some may cost more or less depending on coverage and number availability, but the best ones don’t cost more than $15. The ones we recommend above let you fax for free during a month, you just have to cancel your account if you don’t want to keep using one.
  • Does this work for people outside the USA?
    Yes, but not all services offer international numbers. Some, like RingCentral have local numbers in Canada and the UK.  While others such as eFax or MyFax have presence in more countries.  Always make sure your area is covered with a customer service assistant before getting started.

Final Thoughts

Sending a fax from Gmail is not only easy but also way faster than faxing the “traditional way”, I recommend you take the time to try different services and choose one that better suits the needs of your business by taking into account factors such as delivery speed, availability of numbers and compatibility with Gmail adresses.

The guide we presented here works with all fax to email services, so feel free to bookmark it, share it and have it for later reference! Happy faxing!







Learn how to fax from Gmail in just a few simple steps and link your account to a virtual number, turning your computer or smartphone into a digital fax machine.  With the help of email fax services, you can send a fax the same way you send an email,...