Online faxing has forever changed the way we fax. This new technology has finally brought faxing to the modern area, improving its speed and quality. Now faxing is as easy as sending an email, you just need the right tools for the job: an email account and a fax service.

We prefer using Gmail because it is the most reliable email service out there, it’s free and it is commonly used among businesses. Fax service on the others hand come with different prices and plans, so it is worth checking out what works best for you.

If you are still using a fax machine you may not know this, but faxing over Gmail could provide great benefits for your company. And that’s not all; as we communicate daily with our visitors we have realized that even people with active accounts don’t know all they can do with their service!

But don’t fret. In this article you’ll learn all about the pros of using a fax service. I hope this can help you make the jump to online fax or fully take advantage of your online faxing capabilities. Let’s get started!

1. Send Faxes Quickly

It all takes to send a fax via Gmail is to compose a simple email message. Forget about “feeding” your fax machine with papers all day long, with online fax you can send documents straight from your computer in just a few clicks.

There’s also a more advanced feature that not many people know about. It is called fax scheduling and as you might guess it lets you set an exact time and date to deliver your faxes. You won’t believe the amount of time I have saved by this feature alone.

If we compare the time it takes to send Gmail fax to the time it takes to take a conventional fax, we’ll see that it is cut in more than a half!

2. Receive Faxes Automatically

Receiving faxes is just a matter of checking your Gmail account. Faxes will arrive as emails, but you can also opt to receive notifications of incoming faxes on your mobile phone.

Every new fax coming your way will be available in Gmail, and you can take advantage of the email service’s tagging feature to keep things organized. You can also opt to receive faxes using another email address, but Google’s email service is hands-down the best alternative in terms of speed and fax-friendly features.

Incoming faxes will also arrive to your fax service’s online dashboard along with a detailed log of the transmission. Some services offer unlimited storage of faxes as long as you keep an active account so you’ll always have an extra copy on Gmail.

3. Google Drive Integration

Modern offices work with cloud-based storage to improve collaboration within the company and speed up workflow. It makes sense that they also want to fax cloud based documents in popular sites and in the past two years his has become a reality.

Fax services let you pull documents from the cloud to fax them directly. You can accomplish this through a couple of methods detailed in this article. Google Drive is compatible with this way of faxing, but you can opt to use other cloud services, namely Drop and Dropbox.

4. Get Your Dedicated Digital Fax Line

One of the greatest benefits of using an online fax service is that you automatically get a virtual fax number. This will act as your dedicated line to receive faxes, and since it is active 24/7, you can forget about dealing with interruptions.

At the moment of signing up with a provider you can choose between a local, toll-free or a vanity numbers. The vast majority of providers cover the USA and Canada, but for other countries I advise you contact a representative first for coverage information.

Yet another option is to port your physical fax line to a digital one. This is a process that is easily handled by your provider. Just ask for assistance with a fax porting process, and in a couple of days your line will be active and propagated across the Web.

Virtual fax numbers have become a game-changer in the World of faxing, giving you flexibility to receive faxes in different ways. And that takes us to our next benefit…

5. Send Fax on The Go With Your Phone

The latest feature that we can find among Gmail fax services. With the help of an app you can connect your fax account to your cell phone, turning it into a portable faxing machine capable of sending and receiving faxes.

When sending a fax this way you’ll have the option to fax a document stored in your phone or Drive account, or you can simply use your phone’s camera as a document scanner. Just take a picture and the app will optimize it to be perfectly readable on another fax machine.

6. Security

What remains the same about faxing is security. If you work with sensitive documents you’ll be happy to know that all the best fax providers guarantee the privacy of your communications. Even though you do your fax via email, the whole transmission to another fax machine is fully encrypted and protected.

This is an important benefit, since most people stick to traditional faxing for security reasons but there’s no need to.

Reap the Benefits of Faxing

Fax services are not perfect but they are a huge step forward in the world of faxing and are much better than fax machines. Thanks to digital faxing we can communicate with a speed that fits this era we are living in, while retaining the security and formality that fax document needs.

If you want to learn more about Gmail faxing we invite you to check out our tutorials section , where we have all the information to get you set up in no time!