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Efax is perhaps the fax service with most presence over the World, with coverage in over 40 countries and thousands of cities around the World.  It’s no wonder it is one of the biggest email fax brands out there!  I’ve had the chance of reviewing it for both sending and receiving faxes, and here are the results!

eFax Plans and Packages

Okay, so let’s get started by taking a look at Efax’s plans and prices.  They have two monthly plans: the eFax Plus and the eFax Pro. They both include the full features of the service. The only difference is the faxing volume you can take care of during the month. The Plus plan allows you to fax 300 pages per month (send 150 and receive 150 pages), while the Pro plan is for companies with a higher faxing volume, allowing you to fax 400 pages per month (send 200 and receive 200 pages). Like other fax companies, they also include an overage fee that is based on the number of pages your fax contains.

If you have a big company and need an ever faxing volume, eFax also offers their Corporate plan, which is a customized online fax solution for businesses.  Our faxing volume is low, so in this review, I’ll be focusing mainly on their two smaller plans.

Now let’s get into the costs.  With the Plus plan costing $16.95 and the Pro plan costing $19.95 per month, Efax is certainly not the cheapest fax service.  The service is more expensive than most other alternatives, but they balance this with reliability, experience, and availability across the World.  In any case, there are two ways you can save money, the first one is by paying for your plan annually.  In the case of eFax Plus, the price drops from $16.95 to $14.13 per month, while the Pro plan drops from $19.95 to $16.63 per month.

The other way you can save money during your first month is by signing up for a test drive account.  This way you’ll get a fully featured account with a virtual fax number that will let you send and receive faxes free for 30 days.  eFax is similar to other services that ask you for credit card information to create a free trial account.  Your card is only charged if you continue using the service past the 30 days without canceling your account first, keep that in mind!

Sending Faxes Using eFax

Using eFax is an excellent way to send a fax. I’ve been testing eFax over the past few months, and they have consistently delivered my faxes without problems or delays. There are three ways you can send faxes with this service, here are they:

  • Sending an email.  The process of sending an email fax is the same as the one to fax from Gmail but here you send a mail to the recipient’s fax number followed by @efaxsend.com.  This service is entirely compatible with Gmail, but you can also use it with other email providers such as Yahoo! or Outlook.
  • Using your eFax account.  Here we use our online dashboard to send our fax.  The interface has been redesigned recently and is easier to use than ever. You’ll find a big button that says SEND FAXES, you click it and then fill all the necessary fields for your fax.  Using this method you can fax up to 10 documents in one go.
  • Using eFax’s mobile app.  eFax has a great mobile fax app that is capable of composing and sending faxes. You can upload documents from your iPhone for example, or use your phone to snap a picture of a document you wish to fax.

The three methods work equally great.  You can opt to receive a confirmation that your fax has been successfully delivered to your inbox.

Receiving Faxes with eFax

The link between Gmail and eFax works perfectly, all faxes arrive at your inbox, but you have a copy as well in your on your eFax Message Center.  Incoming faxes come from eFax, with the address message@inbound.efax.com, so you only need to open them and read its contents.  The fax arrives as an email attachment, a PDF file, a standard email fax format that is readable on multiple devices for free.

Alternatively, you can also receive online faxes directly from the Message Center, under the tab View Faxes.  There you have the option of previewing and downloading the fax contents on your computer.

With the Plus and Pro plans you can receive faxes on up to 5 different email addresses, and they don’t need to be from Gmail, you can use various services as well with no problems.  This is an excellent alternative for large enterprises with different people in charge of fax communications.

Of course, to be able to receive faxes you need a virtual fax number and eFax offers thousands of them in 42 countries around the Globe.  This is the service that provides the most extensive virtual fax coverage.   They have at your disposition local, toll-free and even vanity numbers depending on your area or country. I have tested the service in the US, and they have a wide availability of numbers in hundreds of cities inside the country. Check out our set-up guide to learn more about these types of numbers.

eFax for Mobile Devices

eFax has an excellent and easy-to-use app that allows you to send and receive faxes from mobile phones.  The company has recently been crowned as the “Best Productivity App” at the US Mobile & App Design Awards.

I have to agree with that prize. Of all the mobile apps I’ve tried this is the one that works best, and you have advanced options that other services don’t have, like the ability to sign your faxes electronically with just one click and the ability to compose and send faxes using your phone’s built in camera.

eFax Features

We’ve talked about eFax mobile apps, but what other features can you expect from this service?

Its enhanced security makes sure that no document is leaked or lost during the transmission.  This is an important feature for serious businesses and a strong reason why people prefer eFax over cheaper alternatives.  Faxes are encrypted using SSL and then stored into your fax account with 128-bit encryption.  If you don’t understand the jargon, it means faxes, even private ones are fully secure. Not only that, but your eFax offers lifetime storage of your faxes.

Within your online account, you will also find great tools such as the Address Book, the fax search interface and the fax preview area.  These tools will make faxing and finding faxes easier. I use the address book to send many faxes in just a short amount of time.  Just remembering how long it took with a machine makes my body shake!

Finally, you can also use your eFax online account to share files that are just too big for email.  It manages data that can be as large as 3 GB and can send it to 20 different recipients at once.

Would We Recommend This Service?

At a base price of $16.95 per month, eFax could be located in the “expensive” section of email fax services; however, features like the dedicated fax number and security of this service make up for the difference in price.  eFax offers one of the best mobile apps out there for Gmail fax, so if you plan on taking care of faxes on the go, then at least try it out and see if it is right for you.

This service makes it very easy for people to test their service, not only they offer a free trial, but they also have an eFax free package for those that only want to receive faxes over email. It has a monthly limit of 10 faxes, so it is better suited for those who only receive faxes occasionally. If you want to test the full power of eFax though, you will need to sign up for a free trial, though.

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