we review hellofax for Gmail

In this ​review we are going to take a look at HelloFax, one of the newcomers in the market of online fax services. Over the past couple of weeks, we have tested this service that allows you to send faxes​ online by providing integration with Google services and apps.

Despite being one of the ​newest online fax services out there, HelloFax has gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to it’s clean interface and speed.

“Can HelloFax be used to fax over Gmail?”

We’ll answer this question in two parts:

  • Yes, it is possible to fax from Gmail. Although this method is not usually shown in other website’s tutorials it is possible to simply compose an email in send it as fax.
  • Yes, you can receive faxes on Gmail too if you have a paid plan with HelloFax. With any plan you can obtain a local number that forwards a copy of incoming faxes to your preferred email address/es.

HelloFax Plans and Packages

HelloFax offers 3 paid plans aimed at different types of users:

  • Home Office Plan, which allows you to fax 300 pages per month for $9.99.
  • Professional Plan, which allows you to fax 500 pages per month for $19.99.
  • Small Business Plan, which allows you to fax 1000 pages per month for $39.99.

In addition, you can request a customized plan if you own a company that relies heavily on faxing or if you need API access.

Besides the number of allotted pages per month, plans vary according to your Team Size, or the amount of people that can send and receive faxes using a single account. They vary from 5 people on the smallest plan to 20 people on the Small Business plan.

In terms of pricing, we can see that HelloFax has ​a price ismilar to other services with the same set of features.

​Take Advantage of Hellofax's Free Trial

Yes, HelloFax offers a free trial account ​if you just want to ​review how it works. These free accounts have some limits though:

  • You can only send 50 pages of fax. If you want more, you will have to subscribe to a monthly plan.
  • You won’t be able to receive faxes, given that HelloFax only provide numbers to paid accounts. The maintenance of the number is an added cost.
  • You won’t be able to use your email to send faxes. All faxes will be handled from their website’s interface.

The remaining features of the service are the same, and even though it is not a fully featured account, it can be pretty useful if you only want to send a few faxes for free.

hellofax price

​Sending a Fax

There are three ways you can send a fax with HelloFax:

1. Using their website. This method is very simple, just login to your account and you will be instantly forwarded to their new fax form, where you can take care of all the details of your fax.

You can either upload the file you want to fax from your computer, or you can pull documents from a cloud-based service such as Drive, Drop or Dropbox.

HelloFax’s interface is very clean and fast to use. Once you have uploaded your documents, you fill in the recipient’s information, enter the fax number and add a cover page. Press Send, and the fax will be on its way!

2. Using Gmail. If what you want is to send a fax in the same way you send an email, this is the method that you are looking for.

Compose a new message in Gmail, attach the document you want to fax, and in the TO field, add the recipient’s fax number, followed by @hellofax.com. So for example, if the number is 5555555, you’ll need to send the email to 5555555@hellofax.com.

Press “Send” and the fax will be converted and sent in an instant.

3. Using Google Docs. To use this method you’ll need to get the plugin on the Chrome Web Store. This plugin will ask for permission to integrate with your Drive account. Once they are linked, you’ll be able to fax directly from your Drive documents using the HelloFax feature on the sidebar.

using hellofax google docs add-on

After your fax has been successfully sent, you’ll receive a confirmation via email, but you can also check the status of sent faxes from their website, by login into your account and clicking Faxes > Sent. Sending a fax is as fast as with other services out there.

Receiving Faxes

Use your HelloFax ​number to receive fax online. Unfortunately, they don’t offer toll-free numbers like other competing services. This virtual number will be in charge of receiving faxes and converting them into digital files.

This is an automatic process. Whenever someone sends you a fax using your virtual fax number, it will be forwarded to your email address as a PDF document. By logging into your account at HelloFax’s page you can find a list and details of all the faxes that you have received. Just click on Faxes > Received.

How reliable is this service? We have been testing it for little more than a month and so far we haven’t had any problem missing faxes.

Additional Features

In our review, we found out that HelloFax lacks a few of the features that you can find on other popular services. Perhaps the biggest one is the ability to fax on your smartphone through a mobile app. Still, they have other interesting features that should please different types of users:

International coverage. You can send a fax to over 70 countries. You won’t have an additional cost if you send a fax to the US, Canada and UK, but for the rest of countries you’ll have to pay an additional cost, not with money, with pages of your plan.

For instance, faxing a page to South Africa costs 5 pages of your plan, while sending the same page to Switzerland costs 2 pages of your plan. Here you can find a list of costs in pages.

Port Your Google Voice number. HelloFax provides full assistance to move your Google Voice fax number to a digital fax platform. To start, you’ll have to unblock your Voice number from within your Google account. Once the service completes the process, the number will be used exclusively for fax transmissions.

Secure cloud storage. This company makes sure all your faxes are secure and stored in the cloud, so you can check them from any device. You will receive a copy on your inbox.

Digital Signature. There are many instances when a fax needs to be signed. Instead of printing the document, you can simply add a legally binding digital signature.

Security. HelloFax takes proper measures to ensure all faxes are 100% secure and private. They count with SSL encryption and advanced security in their server infrastructure.

​Bottom Line...

Absolutely. We have ended up feeling happily surprised with HelloFax’s ease of use and its fresh interface, and although it lacks some features, this is no deal-breaker. Sure, you may not count with an app for the moment, but you can still fax on the go by using your Gmail mobile application.

If you would like to fax free, there are better free trial alternatives that also include a fax number.

Bottom line, HelloFax works fast, is reliable, easy-to-use and at an average price it is serious competition for other email fax services.

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