nextiva review 2015

Nextiva is a company with fewer years in the market than other alternatives, yet it has gathered attention thanks to their incredibly low prices that start on $4.95 per month, and their robust plans meant for businesses of different sizes.  Despite their low prices, Nextiva is a reliable service, with various useful features. Read on to find out everything about this service and see if it is what you are looking for!

NOTE: Before beginning just let me tell you that this service is only available for US customers, they have numbers available in all states and hundreds of cities, but if you are in an international location, it would be a good idea to pick another service.

Nextiva vFax Plans and Packages

Nextiva offers three plans that include all features but vary in the number of pages you can fax “for free” during the month.  The plans have no names; they are the 500 Pages, 1000 Pages, and the 3000 Pages plans.  Their basic plan starts at $7.95 per month, but if you pay the whole year, each month ends up costing you just $4.95.  This is one of the lowest prices in the industry, which is great especially if we take into account that this is a reliable company with no setup fees.  On top of having low prices, Nextiva also offers more pages than their competitors, which usually allow you to send/receive a total of 300 pages. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the 3000 Pages plan, which can end up costing you $29.95 per month, again a meager price for such a high faxing volume. Their overage fee is also very low, charging you just 3 cents per additional page.

Signing up for a plan is very easy, you begin by picking a new number choosing the State, Area Code and finally the number you want from a drop-down list of alternatives.  You enter your details, and your account is ready to be used in a few minutes!  During the setup phase, you will not find toll-free numbers, but I was able to switch it by contacting support.

If you don’t want to spend money at first, you can also create a free trial account.  Nextiva has the same strategy as other fax services which let new customers try out their service for a full month before they start charging for it.  You may need to enter a credit card for this, just be sure you cancel your membership before the 30 days have passed if you don’t want to continue using it!

Sending Faxes with Nextiva vFax

Despite the low price of their plans, Nextiva does a great job sending and receiving faxes.  Documents arrive on time, and so far I haven’t had any errors or issues to deal with.  There are three ways you can fax using Nextiva:

By email.  This is the usual way to send fax from email or any other email provider of your choice.  Once your email fax number and your email are linked, you can send a fax using this address:  Just make sure you replace faxnumber with the number of your choice.

Using the online portal.  Alternatively, you can log in to your online portal using your membership credentials and handle your faxes from there.  Although basic faxing is the same as the method above, you will find some more features at your disposal, such as fax back ups, usage information, and transmission logs.

Using a phone.  Unlike other services, Nextiva does not offer a mobile fax app for smartphones (although it would be great if they develop one this year!). But you can still send and receive faxes on the go using your phone’s email function.  Yes, it is basic, but we have tried it, and it works fine, although mobile apps do a much better job!

Nextiva handles different file formats when sending faxes, among them traditional ones such as TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, EPS, TXT and RTF.  These files are automatically converted to a fax image once you press the Send button.

Receiving Faxes with Nextiva vFax

Receiving faxes with Nextiva is a breeze, it integrates perfectly with Gmail, and all faxes are delivered in less than a minute.  We’ve made tests with different page volumes, and they all take just a short amount of time to reach the inbox. You can opt to receive faxes with different formats, like PDF (the default format) or TIFF, you can quickly change settings in your online portal.

Once you have your virtual fax number, you can “share it.”  In other words, you can choose five different email addresses or users to receive notifications.  Keep in mind that this is only for receiving faxes, only the main account or user can send faxes via email.  The primary user is the email you used to sign up for a plan.

Your dedicated line is always on, and this means that even if your computer is turned off all faxes will arrive your inbox.  Senders won’t notice a difference, and they will never encounter a busy fax line.

Keep Using your Fax Machine!

One of the key features of Nextiva is available for those of you who aren’t prepared to let your fax machine go.  This feature is the Nextiva fax bridge adapter, a device that will let you send faxes using your fax machine.  Thanks to this adapter you can feed documents on your fax machine, and they will be then forwarded to your online fax service in one easy step.

We’ve only used this adapter a couple of times because we prefer to fax straight from our computers, but it works fine if you are accustomed to using a fax machine or if you have to fax a lot of physical documents.  But don’t worry you can still do it without an adapter by scanning the document or taking a photo of it!

The fax bridge adapter is not included with your fax plan though; you will have to pay an extra $150 plus shipping and taxes to get it.  Is it worth it?   I would say no, given the additional price.  You see, the beauty of digital faxing is that you don’t have to depend on equipment anymore, and the bridge – although useful in some cases – feels like a step to the side rather than a step forward.

Nextiva Features

So what extra features does Nexiva offer?  We’ve already talked about US free fax numbers, and the fax bridge adapter to keep using a fax machine, but this service has other features worth considering:

They provide a fax number transfer if you want to continue using your current fax number.  The porting process takes a few days to complete, but their customer support area grants you a temporary number to avoid missing faxes. This process is similar to the one offered by other services.

Within your online fax portal, you will find additional options to receive faxes including back ups of all the documents you have received, detailed fax logs and settings to customize the way you send and receive faxes.

As you can see, Nextiva has fewer features than competing services, but they offer top quality customer support. I received quick help at the moment of signing up and setting up my account.  There’s always a representative at hand, and you can contact them via phone, email or their online portal.  This is very nice to have, especially for those just starting out in the World of online faxing. It just makes things easier!

Would We Recommend This Service?

Yes, we would recommend this fax service to those of you who are looking for an affordable fax service with essential online fax functions.  If you don’t care about the lack of advanced features, you will find that Nextiva is a top quality service for US customers capable of sending and receiving documents at high speed with excellent clarity.

When it comes to price, Nextiva can’t be beaten.  Starting at just $4.95 per month, you can’t say making the jump to digital faxing is expensive, and what’s better, you can start faxing for a full month free of charge!