Google has announced that they have added a new feature on Gmail called “Compose Actions”, which let you have extra options in the Gmail compose screen, including integration with Dropbox, Box, Egnyte and Atlassian.

With this new feature you can install add-ons that let you have new options when composing an email. At first, Google has announced that they will be adding cloud-storage services including the ones we have mentioned above.

What this means for us email fax users is that we’ll be able to upload documents directly from these cloud storage services without going through extra steps. It promises to be a helpful tool for those of us who value productivity.

This feature is yet another one introduced this year. We have seen in recent months how Google completely revamped Gmail’s interface and added Smart Compose a feature that let you quickly respond emails for us.

It’s great to see how Google keeps improving Gmail, even when taking into account the it is already the number 1 free email provider in the World. This is one of the reasons we recommend using Gmail to fax online. It’s simply a great tool, that is always taken care of an updated.

To use these integration, you first need to download the corresponding add-on from the Gmail add-on store. The new option will appear in the bottom area of the Compose screen. To integrate them you’ll need to first authorize them. After that, it will be read to be used in any version of Gmail.

What do you think of this new feature?