Google announces projectfi

Google has announced the launch of an invite-only (for now) mobile service called ProjectFi.

According to the announcement made on their official blog, “Project Fi aims to put you on the best network wherever you go”.

The service is based on technology capable of determining which is the fastest available network in your location, and connects to it automatically.  You can opt between a free WiFi network that Google considers is stable, or a 4G LTE mobile network.

For now Google counts with Sprint and T-Mobile USA as partners, they are the third and fourth most important providers in the United States.

The announcement also says that:

“Once you’re connected, we help secure your data through encryption. When you’re not on Wi-Fi, we move you between whichever of our partner networks is delivering the fastest speed, so you get 4G LTE in more places.”

Google is offering this service for a flat fee of $20 per month for the basic features (calls, SMS, and international coverage in more than 120 countries), each extra GB you spend costs $10.

In this initial phase the service will only work with the Nexus 6 smartphone, manufactured by Motorola.  If you are interested to try it out and you are in the USA, you can apply for an invitation at

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