google apps for work

RingCentral, one of the leading email fax providers in the US, UK, and Canada, has announced an improved integration of their services with “Google for Work,” a suite of free web-based apps for business, which includes Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, among others.

The company already offered their Gmail-friendly fax service, but now they are looking to provide a complete solution for those looking for a Google-integrated virtual office. This has been made possible thanks to the development of the RingCentral for Google extension, which you can download from your web browser using the Chrome Web Store.

This is an excellent addition to RingCentral’s service. A service that has similar Chrome apps is HelloFax, with the difference that it is focused on just sending faxes. So it seems RingCentral has come up to fill a void in the market, which is interesting since millions of people already use Google tools.

Here’s a video that explains how this new integration works and of course, how you can take advantage of it.

Here are the detailed set of features:

  • Make audio or video calls through RingCentral from your Gmail account.
  • Send and receive SMS text messages. Combine your RingCentral and Google contacts in one easy-to-search screen.
  • Schedule conference call meetings and set up a dial-in conference line, which appears directly within your Google Calendar.
  • Click to call any phone number displayed in your contacts, calendar, or email.
  • Listen to your voicemails directly within Gmail. Dial in to any Google Hangout and never miss a Hangout again due to location restrictions.
  • Transform Hangouts into a hub for up to 1,000 audio participants.

What Are Google Apps for Work?

Google Apps for Work is a paid business service (free to education sites) that lets you manage custom versions of Google’s services in your own domain as part of your branding. This service was free at first but only remains free now for people who were using it from the start. In recent months it has been rebranded as G Suite by Google Cloud, but the service is the same.

Google Apps for Work are perfect for businesses and organizations that don’t have the money to run a proprietary server to host these type of services. Google takes care everything for you, you only need to get your own domain but you can also use Google Domains for this purpose.

What is RingCentral Office?

This addition is part of RingCentral’s virtual office plan, a complete solution for businesses that want to integrate a cloud phone and fax system. It is aimed towards companies that want to move to a digital platform in order to be more accessible to customers and as an effort to improve the quality of communications.  Your phone devices will be connected to your internet connection, the same as your mobile devices, with the only difference that they will be connected by using RingCentral’s mobile app.

Fax is only a part of this service, so if you want to just fax you are better off with just a basic faxing plan. But if you are interested in moving your phone to the cloud, you should know that this is very easy and is a smooth transition, you won’t be missing any calls or faxes while you are migrating to a digital platform. You just talk to a representative and they will help you get set up in no time by taking into account how many IP phones your company needs.

Is a Virtual Office Right for Your Business?

Virtual offices can be a great help for medium to large businesses, improving their communications.  RingCentral is not the only company that offers these types of plans but they are among the top players in the market. We suggest you consider other alternatives and check if they will work for you by taking into account factors such as price and ease of use.  As to what to expect with a virtual office system, here are some must-have features:

Different types of numbers. You should look for different number options and availability in your country or area of residence. A good service will provide local, toll-free and international numbers included with your account.

Cloud PBX. This is just a fancy name for a cloud-based phone system.  With it you can quickly improve the quality of communications with customers and other businesses by paying only a fraction of what you would have to pay if you use PBX hardware.

Call management. This includes customized settings such as automatic call answering, automatic forwarding, call screening, shared lines, message alerts and more.

Team communications.  Of course, not all types of communications come from outside.  It is also important to improve communications within your business, so you’ll need features such as team collaboration and conferencing which make it easy to share ideas and work on projects without wasting time