Do you use ZenDesk? Well, you’ll happy to know that now RingCentral, one of the leading email fax providers in the market has announced that it will integrate ZenDesk in their virtual office products. ZenDesk is used by millions of companies for their customer service.

The integration follows months of pressure by users in RingCentral forums, who have finally seen their wishes come true this week.

We have tried this new integration and it works like a charm, we can see how this will be a step forward in your customer service department. Now you are able to quickly take a glance at customer data and open a new ZenDesk ticket automatically with new incoming calls. Information about the customer and caller ID will be also automatically displayed with each call.

RingCentral has done a great move by integrating ZenDesk, especially for users that have yet another reason to switch to a virtual office. RingCentral Office (which includes fax) is a great help for companies that rely heavily on customer service, letting you manage everything by using a digital line on your computer and even your cell phone.

For more information check out their announcement.