Fax machines, as helpful as they once were, weren’t exactly perfect when it was time to operate them.  Problems ranged from minor ones to others that simply made you pull your hair every time you had to face them.  These problems translate into frustration, anger and could sometimes even affect your business deals!

Thankfully, many things have changed since the introduction of email to fax technology. These days, with the power of Internet you can send and receive faxes with a speed that was previously unimaginable, and with less incurring costs as time passes.  Faxing is easier than ever before, pretty much anyone can learn how to fax online in a few minutes, and you can finally say good bye to fax issues!

In this article, we will take a look at the five most common issues when faxing – with a machine. Read on, and maybe you’ll find that email fax is the solution to that nasty problem you have with your fax machine!

1. Paper Jams

A gigantic source of frustration among fax users worldwide.  This is a problem that came up a lot more often than you may think. The first time it happens, you think “Well, what’s the big deal with a paper jam?” But things escalate pretty quickly the more often you use a machine.  It all peaks when you are in the middle of sending a critical document and your time is running out. I’ve been there my friend, and I can tell you it’s not nice at all…

Paper jam comes in different forms. Sometimes the paper doesn’t load at all. Instead, it just gets crumbled under the printer.  Other times the paper simply decides to get jammed while printing the document.  In any case, you have to stop the transmission, communicate with the sender, and repeat the process, but this time crossing your fingers, so it won’t happen again!

Well, with digital faxing you can forget about paper jams.  We are talking about digital documents here, so chances it happens again are pretty slow I would say. The only way you end up dealing with a paper jam is if you decide to print your document, but modern printers rarely have that issue.

2. Busy Fax Lines

Do you receive many faxes a day? If you are using a fax machine it could happen that two or more people are trying to fax you a document but they simply can’t because your line is busy!  Although this problem is not as frustrating as paper jams, it still puts you under pressure, especially if documents are coming from an important sender!  When using a virtual fax number, it will remain free for people to send you faxes at any time.

On the other hand, you won’t have to deal with other people’s busy lines again.  Google fax services automatically re-try to send the documents several times if they encounter a busy line

3. Single Recipient Faxing

Sending a fax to multiple recipients at the same time proved to be a time-consuming task with the use of a fax machine. You had to repeat the entire process of dialing, waiting for the signal, sending the faxes, over and over again; and that could even include our other two mortal enemies: paper jams and busy lines! I remember there were even specialized companies that were in charge of sending a fax to multiple recipients.

Today things are very different.  There is a feature offered by fax services called “fax broadcasting”, which basically lets you send a single document to multiple recipients at the same time! I repeat, this is a MAJOR time saver, and it is as easy as sending a common email to multiple addresses using the Cc field. If you communicate via faxing with customers or providers on a large scale, you could be saving hours of your time just by switching to digital fax solution.

4. Running Out of Supplies

Traditional fax can’t work without two main items: paper rolls and toner.  You could be in the middle of a document transmission when suddenly the ink would start fading away, so you had to make sure your machine was well supplied at all times.

Gmail to fax services work with digital documents, so supplies are not a problem.  Faxes will always arrive to your Gmail account, as detailed on our website; you just need access to the Internet to take a look at them.  What’s more, you have total freedom when it comes when it comes to printing incoming faxes.

5. Having to Stay on the Office

Do you have things to do outside the office? Well, it doesn’t matter, if you are waiting for a fax to come, you have to wait! Well, at least if you depend on a fax machine.  These bulky artifacts are the exact opposite of portable, requiring installation and some space wherever they are located.

If you are a person who is always on the go, you will love Internet fax because it has many options when it comes to portability.  You can access your account from any computer and laptop in the World as long as you have an Internet connection.

But there’s more…

Thanks to the development of fax apps you can send and receive faxes using your iPhone, iPad, or any other kind of smartphone or tablet. You will receive instant notifications of incoming faxes, and new faxes can be composed on the go either by grabbing a document from your phone, by pulling a document from a cloud storage service and even by “scanning” a document with your camera.

There you have, the five problems you could be avoided by using an online fax service.  Do you need another reason to ditch your fax machine?