get rid of fax machine problems with google fax

Fax machines, as helpful as they once were, weren’t exactly ​easy to operate.  And it's not because the process was complicated, but because they often ran into problems when you needed to send or receive a fax.

​Some of these problems were easy to solve, but they took ​a lot minutes of your precious time.  Others, were more than a simple worker could handle and needed the aid of a ​technician.  This situation often led to frustration, paper waste and in some cases it could be detrimental for your business.

Thankfully, many things have changed since the introduction of​ online fax technology.  Now, you can send a fax in just a few seconds without wasting any paper or needing the help of a fax machine.

​In this article we take a look at the most common fax machine issues, and show you how online faxing provides the right solution for each one of them.  If you are currently unsure as whether to make the switch to ​online fax or not, you should keep reading.  You might find out why it makes sense to go digital!

1. ​Fax machines that keep jamming

​Few things can be ​more frustrating than having to deal with a fax machine that keeps jamming when scanning a document.  Not only you have to fix ​the paper roll by opening the case, you also have to initiate the transmission all over again!

​The first time it happens, you think “Well, what’s the big deal with this?” But ​the more it happens to you, the more frustration you feel.  It all peaks when you are in the ​middle of sending a very important document and you​ are ​close to missing a deadline.​

​By using an online fax service you ​can be free of all that.  ​This is a paperless fax process that will let you handle all your faxes digitally, resulting in less paper waste.  ​Even if you just need to sign a fax, you can do it digitally by adding an electronic signature in just a few clicks. You have total freedom over what incoming faxes are printed.

2. Dealing with Busy Fax Lines

​Does your office receive many faxes throughout the day?

​If you are using a fax machine it could happen that two or more people are trying to fax you a document at the same time but they simply can’t because your line is busy.

Although this problem isn't as frustrating as ​the one above, it still puts you under pressure, especially if documents are coming from an important ​client or provider!  ​

Online faxing fixes this problem with the help of virtual fax lines. Each new account with an email fax service is assigned its own email fax number that works over a virtual line.  Unlike a landline, this one remains free to receive faxes automatically, and sends them to your email.

On the other hand, you won’t have to deal with other people’s busy lines again.  ​​Once you send a fax from your email, the service is in charge of delivering even if it encounters that the recipient's line is busy. Services re-try sending the fax at intervals to ensure it comes through.  You just have to wait for the confirmation message.

3. ​The "Chore" of Sending a Fax to Multiple Numbers

​If you want to send a single fax to multiple recipients at the same time with a machine, you have ​a long road ahead!  Only advanced (and expensive) fax machines are able to broadcast faxing. Back in the day, this was usually handled by a "fax broadcasting service".

​Just sending a fax to 5 recipients took several minutes. You had to repeat the entire process of dialing, waiting for the signal, sending the faxes, over and over again​. And keep in mind that each transmission ​could run into the issues described in this article!

​Using your email, faxing a document to many numbers is a breeze. It's as easy as separating each ​email fax recipient ​with a comma on the Cc field of your email composing window.  This method easily lets you send fax to up to 50 people.  If you need to send a fax to more people, you have to make sure the "fax broadcasting" option is enabled on your online fax account.

4. Running Out of Supplies in the Middle of a Transmission

​A fax machine needs two things to keep on receiving faxes: an ink cartridge/toner and a roll of paper. Unfortunately, both things run out faster than you think.

You could be in the middle of a document transmission when suddenly the ink would start fading away, so you had to make sure your machine was well supplied at all times.  Keeping additional faxing supplies takes place and money that could be better spent in other way.

​You can forget about buying supplies ever again when using an email fax service.  You can fax and even sign documents directly from your computer using nothing but virtual files.  Incoming faxes arrive by default as PDF files, a file format that is easily readable on any computer or the office.

5. Having to Stay on the Office

Do you have things to do outside the office? Well, it doesn’t matter, if you are waiting for a fax to come, you have to wait! Well, at least if you depend on a fax machine.  These bulky artifacts are the exact opposite of portable, requiring installation and some space wherever they are located.

If you are a person who are always on the go, you will love Internet fax because it has many options when it comes to portability.  You can access fax you receive from a virtual fax number from any computer and laptop in the World as long as you have Internet connection. But there’s more…

Thanks to the development of fax apps you can send and receive faxes using your iPhone, iPad, or any other kind of smartphone or tablet. You will receive instant notifications of incoming faxes and can even compose new ones taking a photo of a document with your gadget.