Faxing with Google is a dream for many, but despite all the years that have passed since online faxing tech became widely available, the company has no plans to add fax features to their services. They have continued improving their existing services, but faxing has been relegated.

Since they don’t have a fax service, we need to use third-part services. Luckily these services have proven to be very helpful and affordable. Not only that, they allow you to integrate faxing into different Google services like Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs.

Send & Receive Fax with Gmail

Instead of using a fax machine, you can use Gmail to send and receive faxes.

This way of faxing has become immensely popular because it mixes the best of both technologies. People wanting to make the jump to online faxing are not intimidated by new technology. Email is familiar and is way much faster than using old fax technology.

To send a fax from Gmail, you compose a new message but instead of sending it to a common email address, you send it to an “email-to-fax address”. That’s an address that contains the number of the receiver’s fax machine followed by@ and the sending domain provided by your service.

The other difference is that the fax won’t be entered on the Body field (this is left blank or used for a cover page). The contents of the fax must be uploaded either from your computer or from a compatible cloud-storage account.

Receiving faxes is even easier. Once your online fax service links to your Gmail account, all faxes that come through your email fax number are forwarded to Gmail automatically. You only need to check your inbox or enable notifications via Gmail or your online fax account.

Send Fax with Google Docs

If you work with Google Docs documents, there’s no need of going to Gmail and attaching the file. Some providers have their own Google Docs add-on that let you fax your documents directly from the document editing interface. This is a feature that only a handful of services possess. You might want to talk to customer support before signing up for a service.

With this method, a sidebar is added to Google Docs, containing a form to send the document as fax. Once it has been installed, the option will appear on all your Google Docs files. You need to enter the fax machine’s number, and simply press Send when you are done. A confirmation email is then sent to your Gmail address.

Faxing Google Drive Documents

Google Drive is the 15GB virtual space that Google gives to every new account. If you have created a Gmail account exclusively for faxing, you can instantly save all incoming PDF fax attachments to your Google Drive account. Just hover over the attachment and click on the Google Drive button, a small window will appear where you can choose a folder.

If you want to fax a document from your Google Drive account, compose a Gmail fax message like you normally would, but instead of attaching the files from using the paperclip icon, use the Google Docs icon. You’ll then need to pick which documents to include in the fax.

What About Google Voice?

You can’t fax from Google Voice. This free Google service only works for voice transmissions. A common landline is able to handle both phone calls and fax transmissions, but that is not the case with VoIP technology.

A workaround is to use your Google Voice number to fax, but you must port it to an online fax service. You can find a detailed article on how to do it here.

Final Words

There are many ways to fax with Google services, and you can combine all of them as you wish. On top of that there’s the option to send and receive faxes straight from your online fax account. We invite you to read our tutorials to learn more about this ingenious way of faxing!