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In the days of email and text messaging, it seems like instances in which you have to fax are becoming few and far between. Because of this, it may also seem as if faxing is becoming more and more expensive of a service as faxing is utilized less and less. However, this does not at all have to be the case. Fax machines are still used from time to time, and the instances in which you need to use one tend to be dire. This is because the fax machine sends messages through telephone wires, and the telephone is ubiquitous.

So, you need to send an important fax but you haven’t owned a fax machine in years—what do you do? You’re certainly not going to go out and buy a fax machine. Actually, there are many means by which you can send fax online free. Below, we have outlined the best resources to use when you find yourself in need of sending a fax without access to a fax machine:

Gmail Fax Service Free Trial

One of the benefits of using a free trial of a service that you would otherwise have to pay for is that you are guaranteed a high-quality service, one that people are willing to pay for. By using a free trial, you can benefit from a service that is usually paid for, and if you just have to fax one time, then you can get the best possible service without having to pay. But if you find yourself faxing frequently, then you can test out the service before you pay for it.

Using one of the best Gmail fax services is a win-win situation. Take for example eFax. It is one of the world’s number top online fax services, so you can rest assured that it is a reliable and safe service for sending your confidential information. They also provide features like digital signatures that make the 30-day trial of their service the best out of any other available. Other services similar to eFax are RingCentral and MyFax.

What’s great and unique about this option to send faxes for free from email is that besides letting you send faxes they also give you a Google fax number, so you can receive faxes in your inbox automatically.  The rest of the options reviewed in this article only let you send faxes.  Another advantage is that this free trial includes the basic plans which in average let you send 300 pages per during your trial period. You can check out our detailed article on the topic.


FaxZero is a little bit tricky to send a fax online for free, but once figured out, it’s a really useful service. They have quite a few loopholes to their service being free, but all-in-all, the service is quick and reliable, which is essentially all you need when it comes to faxing.

Firstly, FaxZero only sends free faxes within the United States and Canada. This usually isn’t a huge issue, but is something important to keep in mind when choosing a service. They will also send your fax with a FaxZero branding image on the cover page unless you pay a $1.99 fee. With their free service, you are only able to send 5 free faxes per day, and the faxes can only be 4 pages including the cover.

Even with all of these stipulations, there is a lot to FaxZero that is highly redeeming. All of the rules and limits are lifted with a simple $1.99 fee, which then allows you to send up to 25 pages, with or without a cover, and with priority delivery.


GotFreeFax is a good, straightforward service for people who need to send a short, simple fax. They do not have any branding on the cover pages of their free faxes, which keeps the faxes sent online through their service professional and clean in appearance. Their page is navigable and easy to read. Basically, they make it really easy for even the most technically inept folks to send a fax like a pro.

However, there are some regulations to the amount of pages and faxes that you can send with their free service as well, and it doesn’t offer a free Google fax number. Similar to FaxZero, there is a small fee that can be paid to lift these regulations, but for their service that is absolutely free, users are restricted to faxing 3 pages at a time, with only 2 faxes per day being free. However, for those who just need to send a single fax as a one-off thing, GotFreeFax is an easy to use and professional service with quick delivery.

Final Thoughts

Whether a one-off situation where you only need to fax a single PDF document, or a crucial element to your business, faxing is still thriving in the modern world of emailing, video chatting, and text messaging. For those who do not have a fax machine, it can seem complicated and frustrating to seek one out in order to send a fax. Luckily, in recent years, a lot of free faxing websites have cropped up all over the internet, many of which are very functional and reliable. Due to the ubiquity of the telephone, faxes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s best to find a reliable faxing service to use when need be. From free trials of paid sites, to reliable free faxing sites, there are so many options to send a fax online free when in a bind.
In the days of email and text messaging, it seems like instances in which you have to fax are becoming few and far between. Because of this, it may also seem as if faxing is becoming more and more expensive of a service as faxing is utilized less and...