international fax

​Do you need to send a fax to another country but can't find the best way to do so?

Faxing to international recipients no longer requires you to have a fax machine and a dedicated fax line.

Online fax technology lets us reach clients, customers or providers in countries from all around the World by simply using our email addresses.

​There are many advantages to faxing online, and one of them is that you can send fax to ANY foreign destination without having to pay a hefty fee for an international call.  

​In this guide we want to show you how to send an international fax using an ​email fax service. But don't worry, even if you are using a fax machine, we are sure you'll find this information helpful.  Let's get started!

​Formatting ​an International Fax Number (Dialing Instructions)

​Traditionally, sending a fax to another country involves dialing a set of codes and the fax number in a particular order.  If you are using your email to send the fax, the number needs to go on the TO field (more about this ​a few paragraphs below).

First, you need to dial an "exit code", which is a number that ​instructs your fax service ​to initiate an international fax transmission.  Then you need to add the "country code", which indicates to which country the fax is going to be sent to.  Finally, you add the actual fax number the document is being sent to.

If you are sending a fax to Canada or most of Caribbean countries, you don’t need to ​add an exit code. ​Transmissions to these countries are treated as local numbers​.

​For United States users, the exit code is 011, and it’s always the same​. What varies is the country code. 

Here's an example:

how an international fax number looks

​Let’s say we are trying to send a fax to China to the number “44433322”.

​This is the number you’ll need to enter when composing your fax: 011 86 44433322.

011 is the exit code, 86 is China’s country code and 44433322 is the fax number.

​​Where do ​I enter this number?

When you fax via email, ​you need to enter the number in the TO field, followed by @ and your online fax service's domain.

Replace with ​your individual fax service's domain name.  If you don't know which one​to use, refer to your welcome email, ​this information is usually included in the message.

International Country Codes

Adding the international codes here would be redundant since the information is already ​available ​online. ​

You can head to Wikipedia ( to find a list of codes by country, or you could also head over to to search the codes in an easier way.

After entering the fax number, keep following the steps to send fax from Gmail:  add the text of the cover page on the SUBJECT field and then attach to the email the files you want to convert to fax. Double check the number to ensure it has been typed correctly and finally click on "Send". 

​Once the fax has been fully received on the other end, you will receive a confirmation message in your inbox. Sometimes the message can take an extra pair of minutes to arrive because you need to wait for the transmission to arrive.

NOTE: If you plan to send faxes to the same international number multiple times, you can save the number on your email service's address book or directly in your online fax account.

Are You Still Using a Fax Machine?

If you currently use a fax machine, you just need to dial the number following the exact same structure we have detailed above.

​But why keep using a fax machine?  Online faxing is faster and cheaper than traditional faxing, and plans charge you per page, not for destination.

Most online fax services today let you send faxes to multiple countries without having to pay for international call fees.

They will also help you receive fax automatically, even when you are away from your office. This is great news for those of us who need to receive faxes from different time-zones.  

Faxing internationally is very easy once you know how to format the number correctly. ​If you don't have an email fax service account but want to try out how this method works, we suggest you create a free-trial account with the service of your choice.  Most companies let you try out their basic plans for a full month!