international fax

If your business requires you to fax to other countries, you need to send an International fax. This isn’t complicated, there are just a few things you have to keep in mind. And with the help of a Gmail fax service things can’t get any easier.

Setting up an International Fax

The main difference is in how you enter the recipient’s fax number.

If you are sending a fax to Canada or most of Caribbean countries, you don’t need to do anything different. They work the same as local fax transmissions, so the number only contains the number 1, followed by the area code and the fax machine’s number.

For the rest of countries you’ll need to start with the exit code, a number that indicates this is going to be an international fax transmission, followed by the country code and the actual fax machine’s number.

The exit code is 011, and it’s always the same. What varies is the country code. As an example, let’s say we are trying to send a fax to China to the number “44433322”. This is the number you’ll need to enter when composing your fax: 011 86 44433322. 011 is the exit code, 86 is China’s country code and 44433322 is the fax number.

Now, if you’ve followed our ​Gmail to fax guide, then you’ll know that the number is entered on the TO field of your Gmail composing screen like this:

Replace with the email domain that your online fax service detailed on ​your welcome email.

Adding the international codes here would be redundant, the information is already present in different web pages across the Web. Sites like let you know the exact number you need to send the fax to simply by selecting the country from a dropdown list.

When using an online fax service, you don’t need to pay for an international call fee. These services charge you per page, so it will be the same as sending a local fax. However, make sure international faxing is included in your monthly plan.

After entering the number, continue by uploading the files you want to convert to fax, and then click on Send.

A message confirmation should arrive in a minute or two. Sometimes the confirmation message can take an extra pair of minutes to arrive because you need to wait for the transmission to arrive.

In Summary

Faxing internationally is as easy as adding 011, the exit code and the country code. If you plan on sending the fax to the same number in the future, but don’t want to go around looking for the code again, you can store the number in your online fax account’s “Address Book”.

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