efax and Gmail

eFax is one of the companies that better integrates with Gmail, if you want to send a fax over Gmail with them, this article will help you.

Linking Gmail to eFax

To get started, make sure your online fax account and your Gmail address are linked.

The easiest way to do this is during the signup process. Go to eFax and sign up for a paid or free trial account. In the first screen you’ll need to choose the fax number you want to use form the list. Pick the best alternative and continue to “Setup account”. Now in the email field, simply enter your Gmail address, that should link both of them to send and receive faxes.

The second method is changing your address on the settings page. For this you’ll have to log in to your eFax account and click on “Update Account”. Then go to “Preferences” and “Send Email Addresses”. Click on the “Edit” button and enter the Gmail address you want to use for sending faxes. Some accounts let you enter multiple addresses.

NOTE: If your address is not on the list, you won’t be able to send faxes through it.

Finish by clicking on Update to save your changes.

Sending Email Fax ​with eFax

Once both your accounts are linked, you can start sending faxes directly from Gmail.

In Gmail, you’ll need to compose a new message and send the fax to this Gmail address:


Just replace the number with the fax machine’s number. As we stated in our detailed how-to guide, this number should contain 10 digits, and if it’s an international number, it must contain the international prefix of the country.

The "efaxsend.com" bit is very important, as it will serve to communicate with eFax's fax servers.  It will instruct them to grab the attachments of your email, convert them to a fax-compatible file format and then forward the converted file to the fax machine's number specificed on the first part of the email address.

Unlike common email, the contents of this fax will be uploaded as an email attachment.

eFax has a list of more than 120 different file formats you can send straight from your email to a fax machine. These attachments will be converted by eFax into a fax file, so it is compatible with legacy fax technology.

eFax is able to send up to 10 files at a single time, but the size of the file or combination of files must not exceed 18MB, or else you’ll get a transmission error.

There’s also the option to include a cover page. The design is handled within your eFax account, but the actual text to include needs to be typed in the Body section of the message.

Finish by clicking on Send This service is pretty speedy when it comes to sending a fax, it shouldn’t take more than a minute to receive a confirmation message on Gmail with additional information about the transmission.

What if there are errors during the sending process?

In that case, eFax is instructed to try again sending the fax. It will repeat this a few times automatically, you don’t have to do anything from your part. This usually resolves the problem, but in case it doesn’t the confirmation message will show you an error and the details of the error. These faxes won’t be counted from your plan.