store faxes online

There are three ways you can store your any fax that comes your way via an email fax service. It’s one thing to receive fax via Gmail and it is another thing to keep these faxes in one place where you can find them for future reference.

Currently there are three ways you can store faxes you receive online. Each one of them has its own advantages, but as you will see the best is to combine the different methods to have a way to store faxes that better accommodates to your needs.

You can store your faxes by:

  • Downloading them to your hard drive
  • Moving it to a cloud storage services
  • Using your online fax member’s area

Downloading Fax to Your Computer’s Hard Drive

This is the most obvious method to store your faxes and the one that lets you access your faxes even when you are offline. Every fax coming your way will arrive as a PDF attachment in Gmail. The email message will only contain the information about the fax transmission.

Downloading PDF attachments is very easy. The attachment will be located at the bottom of the email. When you click it, it will automatically show you a preview of the document. But if you just hover your mouse over the file it will show you icons with more options. You need to click on the icon that looks like an arrow, this will prompt a new window where you will select in which folder within your hard drive you want to save it.

Although you’ll be able to access fax online, the downside of this method is that you’ll need to have your computer or laptop available. You won’t be able to access faxes on the go.

2. Using a Cloud Storage Service

If you want to be able to access your fax documents from anywhere, this is the perfect method. Remember the arrow icon I mentioned above? Well next to it, there’s the Google Drive icon, which will let you store your documents in your virtual hard drive.

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services currently on the market. It lets you store up to 15GB, and the best of all is that it comes free with a Google account. This means that if you have Gmail, you already have virtual drive space!

When you click on the icon, the file will be automatically moved to your Drive space. You can then click on “Organize” to move it to the correct folder in your account.

This is is not the only cloud service at your disposal though, some fax providers also offer the convenience of storing fax on virtual hard drives, using services like Box and Dropbox, which also have free accounts. Learn more about sending fax from Dropbox.

3. Using Your Fax Service’s Member Area

All fax services allow you to take care of faxing via their web interface. Here you can send faxes and access a host of advanced features that aren’t possible to integrate with Gmail yet.

If you head to the area where you receive faxes, usually labeled as “Incoming” or “View Faxes”, you will have a list of all incoming documents. They are stored automatically from the moment you sign up for an account. Fax storage is handled differently depending on the service you are using. Some companies offer unlimited storage space, while others only give you a certain amount of GB.

Although this method is convenient because it is automatic, it is very dependent on your provider. Some services give you lifetime storage while others stop hosting your faxes shortly after your subscription has ended. In those cases you need to download and organize all your faxes before they are deleted. That’s a big hassle that we can avoid by combining the two methods shown above.

In Summary

There are different alternatives to store your faxes online, and you will have to choose one depending on your style of faxing. If you are constantly on the go, for example, storing your faxes in Google Drive is the best alternative. Even if you run out of space you can purchase more from Google. It’s best to have a separate Google account just to receive faxes online though.