increasing your productivity with a Gmail fax service

​Looking for ways to boost productivity is an important factor not only for the growth of a business, but for the growth of the economy in general as well. Despite ​technological advancements, statistics indicate that the productivity in American workers is in decline.

Part of the​ of "why" of this decline is that people in general are not so emotionally connected to their jobs, but it also happens because businesses are still stuck with old ​ways of doing things.  Such is the case of fax technology.

Faxing is still ​very much in use, often required to send and receive documents securely, but there are still millions of companies that keep using a fax machine for the job.  

You don't need a machine ​anymore! ​Online fax services give you the ability to fax over an Internet connection, using ​just your email.  This new technology is compatible with fax machines, but you will send and receive fax as digital files, attached to your email.

​Email-to-fax technology is an incredible aid to increase work productivity, reducing drastically the time it takes to fax, while letting ​you focus on other important tasks for your company​.  

Here are some ways sending fax by email can help you increase productivity.

Say good bye to fax machine issues

​Sending online fax isn't faster than traditional fax ​only because it uses an Internet connection, it also saves you time by basically getting rid of all the problems that  plague fax machines around the World.

I'm talking about things like having a paper jam in the middle of a transmission, having to send a document all over again because it can't be read well and even running out of ink/toner in the middle of receiving a fax.​​​

​Given that online fax technology​ works with virtual documents, you won't have to worry about running out of supplies and having paper problems.  Instead, all your documents will arrive as PDF files attached to an email message.  The choice to print a fax is entirely yours.

​On the other hand, document readability isn't a problem with email fax.  The fax image is taken right from the digital ​file, ​and it's ​optimized for the right contrast to have perfect clarity through any fax machine.

Schedule faxes for later 

​Sometimes ​you have so many faxes to send that keeping track of them can not only be a chore; it ​can also take several minutes of your day if you are using a machine.  

​And if you need to fax a document ​to the opposite side of the planet, you may need to stay up until late just to send the fax at the right time.

​With email faxing you don't ​those problems.  There are a couple of was you can schedule an email fax.  

If you want to do this through Gmail, you can use an add-on (little apps that add new features to Gmail) such as Boomerang to send the email to fax at the exact time and date.

​The second alternative is to schedule the fax through your online fax account.  Fax services, beside letting you fax by email, give you access to ​your online fax dashboard area.  There you can check your faxes in your account, and you can also schedule a fax​ and access other advanced features.

The ability to schedule faxes is an important weapon in your productivity arsenal, letting you automate the whole delivery process for regular transmissions.

Send fax to multiple recipients

​Faxing to multiple people at the same time with a machine used to be a slow process.  You ​couldn't do it directly with your machine, so you had to send the fax manually to each of the recipients through your machine.  

Sending a fax to more than 10 people or more was simply too much of a hassle, you had to use the use a "fax broadcasting service".​​​

​With an email fax solution, doing the same thing takes the same time as sending a single fax. ​You can add multiple recipients when composing your email fax in the same way you add them to a common email, separating each number with a comma, or entering them on the To field. ​

By using your online fax account, some services let you also broadcast a fax, sending it to more than 50 recipients at the same time.

​Fax anywhere!

​One of the biggest perks of faxing online is that you can send and receive documents on the go.  Using digital documents give you a new sense of freedom, given that you don't depend on a machine anymore.

​You can easily fax by email from your cell phone, using your preferred email app or service, following the same steps ​for sending fax online. But there are services that have their own mobile fax apps.  Services like eFax, MyFax and Ringcentral Fax have some of the best apps on the market, and you can use them for free with your account.

Apps are great to send faxes with a simple button.  You can attach the files you want to fax or you can simply "scan" any document with the help of your phone's camera.  The app will optimize the image for readability and forward it to the recipient's fax machine. At the same time, it will show you notifications whenever a new fax comes your way.

Good luck sending a fax on the go with a fax machine! These devices need to stay plugged on the office at all times to avoid missing faxes.  If you are away from the office and need to send a fax without an app, your best bet is to find the nearest office store.

​Reduce the time you spend faxing and do it better!

​Switching to online faxing is one of the easiest and more cost-effective ways to improve productivity in the office.

​Common fax tasks that used to take several minutes now take only some seconds, and ​you receive ​fax ​​to Gmail, or any other email address of your preference automatically.

Learning how to fax this method is pretty easy, even if you've never done it before.  You can quickly train workers to send fax online, knowing that ​it's an investment that will pay for itself. ​

If you want to learn more about faxing​ online and how to get a free fax number, we invite you to read our articles and reviews on our homepage, there you'll find the exact way to send fax online and find access to the best free trials in the market!