types of google fax numbers

One of the biggest benefits of using a Google fax service is that you automatically get a free fax number with your subscription.  Unlike traditional phone numbers, which work using a physical phone line, this number works over Internet protocol using powerful servers capable of converting digital documents into fax transmissions and vice-versa.

When selecting a fax number, you’ll find that there are different alternatives at your disposition.  The one that’s best for you will be chosen depending on your needs or the needs of your company, taking into account factors such as ease of use, convenience, and availability. In this guide, we will take a look at your options so you can make the smartest decision.

To get started, there are three types of fax numbers you can pick:

  • Local numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Vanity numbers

Most services only offer local and toll-free dedicated numbers for free, and for most businesses, this is absolutely fine. Vanity numbers (those numbers you see like 1-800 CALL US NOW) often require an extra fee and are subject to availability in your area.  As an additional alternative, you can port your current fax number and move it to the Internet to be capable of faxing from Gmail or other email of your choice.  You can check out our detailed article on this topic here.  This service is known as “fax number porting” and is often offered for free when creating a new account.

Toll-Free Fax Numbers

These are numbers that are accessible with free calls. Toll-free numbers were first introduced in 1967 by AT&T with the 1-800 prefix, and since then, they have been adopted by millions of businesses in the United States. Just in 2008, it was estimated that more than 23 million companies used toll-free numbers, and many of them more than one! Why are they so popular? Well, they are easily remembered, and that’s something every marketing department loves.  You can easily recognize them by the number prefix.  The most common one is 800, but they can also have the following prefixes: 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844.

A toll-free fax number is preferred by businesses because it allows customers to reach them quickly without having to spend any money on a call. Instead the call is forwarded and any charge is assumed by you or your company. You can learn more about toll-free numbers on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toll-free_telephone_number . The article is a little bit technical, but if you are interested in finding out more about this technology is an interesting read!

Local Fax Numbers

These are numbers that contain the area code of your location or your business’ location.  If you own a local business, you may want to select this type of number.  It is not free for clients or providers, but the area code gives you a trust signal for customers who prefer to deal with a local business. This is also a great option for those of you interested just in personal faxing.

You can also find local numbers in other countries.  There are fax services which have a presence in dozens of countries around the World, the best known of them are MyFax and eFax.

Vanity Fax Numbers

As the name implies, these are numbers that offer an aesthetic value to your business and can be promoted easily to new customers.  They work with the following five prefixes: 1-800, 1-888, 1-877 and 1-866.

With this option, you can customize your phone to look the way you want to. So for example, if you own a web design firm, you can set it to 1-800-DESIGN1.  Keep in mind that these numbers act as an extension of your brand, so pick a phrase that best represents you and is easy to recognize.

Vanity numbers are subject to availability in your area and require to pay an extra fee.

What Email Fax Number is Best for You?

Now that you know the difference between each type of number, you can make a final decision about the fax number you’ll use for Gmail faxing, picking one that is suitable for your needs or the needs of your business.  Let’s summarize things up!

  • Toll-free numbers are ideal for businesses with a focus on clients and easy access.
  • Local numbers are the best bet when you have a local business and want to add trust to your nearby clients.
  • Vanity numbers are helpful when you want to promote your brand and be easily recognizable. They can be customized to spell certain words, if available.

But wait… what if you simply want to keep using your current number and change it from a physical line to a digital one? In that case, you need to make the transfer to the digital platform using a process known as “fax number porting.”

Porting Your Current Fax Number

port your fax number

If you hate the idea of having to update your fax number to all your contacts, you can choose to keep your current number and transfer it online with a fax service.  They will take care of this porting process, moving your number to a digital platform.  Once the process is complete your number will be online and capable of grabbing incoming faxes like any of the numbers we have seen above.

You may experience minor issues during the transfer for a couple of days, so your service will give a temporary number that will work for you during the first few days, while your number is propagated across the Internet.  This is done to ensure you won’t miss a fax during the transition, once the process is complete you won’t have to worry about your number again.

Some Final Words

These are all of your options when it comes to email fax numbers.  If you are still using traditional landlines, you should consider making the jump to this new technology.  Unlike physical lines, these are ready to be used in just a few minutes after you complete a sign-up process with any fax service of your choice and don’t require any additional equipment.  With this Gmail Fax Pro guide, you are ready to just go and pick the type of number you want.