other ways to fax online

Using your email account is the best way to fax online, but if you have an online fax service it’s no the only one.  Here are some other ways you can send a fax online with the same provider:

Through your Online Fax Account

You can log into your fax service account and send faxes from your dashboard.

Simply go to the fax sending area on your service and complete the simple form with all the details needed to send the fax.  Mainly, the number of the fax machine receiving the document and the contents of the fax.

This section has the advantage of containing additional fax sending features, such as the addition of custom cover page and fax broadcasting (sending a single fax to more than 50 recipients at a time). You can also link your account to Google Drive, Box and Dropbox to pull documents form your cloud storage account.

Through a Mobile App

Although it’s possible to send a fax from Gmail’s mobile app, it’s much more convenient to do it through a mobile app.  Several services have developed their own apps that let you send, receive, and even fax on the go.  

To fax from an app you usually have to open it and enter your login info.  This will take you to the main menu where you have click on “Send Fax”.  Then, fill out the form with all the fax info.  

Just like the previous option you can upload documents from your phone or tablet’s storage, but apps can also connect to your camera to take a snap of a document.  The photo is then optimized by the app to make it readable on black and white fax machines. The fax confirmation message will arrive on your Gmail inbox.

Through a Google Docs Extension

A few number of Gmail fax service providers give you the opportunity to install an add-on on Google Docs to integrate faxing features. Whenever you want to fax a Docs document, you just click on the menu and then on Send Fax.  Again, fill all the necessary details, but this time the form will appear on a new sidebar.  

Sending a fax through Google Docs is a great way to cut the time you spend downloading and converting documents you need to fax.