where can i send fax

Are you asking yourself where can I send fax but don’t know what options you have?

Many of us have been there, you are in a rush to send a fax, but there’s not a machine in sight.  Perhaps the one at the office broke down, or maybe you are in the middle of the trip and can’t go back to your office.

It’s during those times that we need to know we have options.  If faxing is an important part of your business you are better planning ahead any contingencies that might appear in your way.

This article is a guide to all the places – real or virtual – where you can go to send a fax (well, some options also let you receive them!).  As you will see, there is always an option. The list is in order of importance, so the higher on the list, the best solution it will be!

There are basically two ways you can go: you can either make use of an online faxing solution or find a place with a fax machine.

1. Faxing from Email

Online faxing has become the preferred way to send a fax in the past few years, given that it is effortless to use, easy to set up, and doesn’t even require you to own a fax machine or a dedicated fax line.  The only things you need are a computer and access to the Internet.

To fax from email, you’ll need the help of an Internet fax service. Fax services capable of linking a virtual fax number to your email address.

We love Gmail, that’s why we recommend faxing from your Gmail address, but you can use other services or email domains you want to use.

The cool thing about these services is that you are able to send and receive faxes.  However, if you only need to send a single fax, you can consider using a free send service online.  We are talking about websites like Myfax free and FaxZero, which let you send up to 3 pages of faxes per day.

The downside is that most of these fax sending services also print an ad on the cover page.

In our Google fax number guide, we have a selection of our recommended fax services, as well as more information about this faxing alternative. We recommend you fax from Gmail because it is easier to use and quickly integrates with the best fax services.

2. Use Your Mobile Device

fax from iphone

Did you know that fax services can also be accessed and used via apps? Well, if you already have an account with a fax service but don’t have your computer at hand, you can use your mobile phone.  Download the app that corresponds to the service, enter your credentials, and you’ll have a portable fax machine in your hands.

Although apps have in general fewer options than fax services through a computer, you can quickly send and receive essential faxes using either a photo you have or by taking a picture at the moment of faxing.

The picture will act as the “scan” of the document, and will then be optimized to be read on a fax machine print. Being an extension of an email fax service, this option also lets you receive faxes on the go.

The latest versions of mobile fax apps by companies like eFax and RingCentral, add features such as the ability to sign faxes electronically and pull documents from cloud storage services like Google Drive and DropBox.

We have taken a look at our virtual alternatives which are, to be honest, the best ones. They are easy to use, quick to set up, and reliable.

If you are still looking for a place where you can find a fax machine, then we have other options:

3. Public Fax Machines at Hotels

Some hotels have small business centers with computers and fax machines to take care of business on the go.  This is a great alternative if you are currently on a business trip and want to send an urgent fax.

Unfortunately, it is more common to find a computer than a fax machine at these locations, so you should consider online faxing just in case.

If you are traveling and will need a fax machine, talk with your travel agent to find a hotel that meets your needs.

4. Print and Office Stores

fax on fedex

Some well-known companies such as Kinkos, UPS and FedEx have fax machines at the disposition of clients.  Not all the offices have this option though, so it would be a good idea to check first via phone or email.

This service is paid depending on the number of pages you want to fax and the destination.  International faxes have higher rates because it counts as an international phone call.

In average you can expect to pay $1 – $2 per page.

International faxes have higher rates because it counts as an international phone call. In average you can expect to pay $1 – $2 per page.

With this option, you can send and receive both local and international faxes, add a complimentary fax cover sheet and receive a printed confirmation of your fax call. Additionally, store members can help you receive a fax, so you can pick it up next time you drop by the location.

5. Relatives and Friends

Hopefully, a friend or someone from your family can help you if they have a fax machine.  After all, using one does not take much time, and you can return the favor on another occasion!  Using Twitter or Facebook is a great way to ask your social circle for help finding a machine.

6. Extra Alternative: Use Fax Software

Fax applications are programs that you install on your computer.  These programs were your best bet when computer fax started emerging but have become obsolete. Especially when compared to more advanced faxing alternatives like Gmail fax.

PC users have already a fax software installed with Windows, called “Windows Fax and Scan.” Mac users, on the other hand, will need the help of third-party software.  In both cases, you will still need a phone line to connect to.  These programs work only with traditional phone lines using an Internet Modem.