Gmail may be the most popular email provider, but it's not the only one.  So, why it's a good idea to fax from Gmail instead of other services?

​Gmail is not you common email service.  The sending and receiving capabilites only tell a part of the story.  Google has ensured their email service has plenty of features that set it apart from other types of emails.

These are the benefits of faxing from Gmail:

Creating an account is free. Anyone can create a new Gmail account in just a few minutes, so you can have an individual account just to fax online.  Gmail also let you link multiple accounts together without having to enter your username and password over and over again.

Cloud storage to save your faxes.  All Google accounts are given 15GB of cloud storage space in Google Drive, where you can save your faxes and even share them with other people’s accounts.  15 GB is more than enough to store thousands of faxes, and you can create new folders to sort faxes as you want.

Ads don’t occupy a lot of screen.  Gmail is free but it is monetized it through ads in your inbox page.  However, these ads are very well integrated and don’t distract you from your messages.

Easy search.  Gmail has all the search options to find any fax you want pretty quickly.  The advanced search option lets you search emails by date, recipient, size and even the words included/not included in the body of the message. It’s no wonder search is great though, after all, it has been made by Google right?

Spam filtering.  This the free email provider with the best spam filter out there.  The system has a great way of sorting through junk fax and leave on your primary inbox only emails from credible sources.  Yes, sometimes it can even block authentic email messages, but this happens only in rare cases.  If this happens with your online fax provider, just move it to he inbox by clicking on “Not Spam”.

POP and IMAP.  These two protocols let you use email through any email software you have, either on your computer or your cell phone.  Thanks to these email programs, you can automatically download Gmail fax messages on your computer or your phone.

Gmail Add-ons.  With the addition of "Compose Actions" we can install addons that let you attach documents from accounts in Dropbox and Box without having to switch between windows and download documents on your hard drive.

Finally, Gmail is a service that is always receiving updates by Google.  Even if it’s not announced, the company is always finding ways to improve the user experience for its millions of users all around the Globe. Not so long ago, Gmail had a major update with a redesigned interface and new features such as the “offline mode”, which lets you download email messages and fax attachments to work without an Internet connection.

Are you still in doubt about using Gmail to fax online?  I promise there's no better provider out there.  If you want to learn more about this new way of faxing, be sure to check out our tutorials!