fax using your cell phone

Have you ever wanted to send a fax anywhere without having to depend on a fax machine? What some years ago sounded like a fantasy now is a reality thanks to the arrival of fax mobile apps that help you send and receive digital faxes on any tablet or cell phone (such as iPhones and Android based devices).

Fax apps have dramatically changed the way we send and receive faxes, letting us enjoy more freedom and flexibility in our communications. Mobile technology is ubiquitous today, so it makes sense fax companies have started offering this useful feature.

In this article we will take a look at this mobile fax technology, the best apps out there, and how you can send fax from your cell phone – for free!

How to Send Fax From Cell Phone

send fax from cell phoneLet’s get started with what many of you are looking for: an easy guide to send fax from your mobile phone.

It begins by choosing the best fax service for you or your business. Nowadays you can find different fax companies such as RingCentral, eFax, MyFax and others that offer free apps for their customers. These services charge a monthly fee for a determined number of documents per month, but they also let you create a free account for a month. More about sending fax with a service here.

We can also find smartphone apps that charge per document, but I wouldn’t recommend this option if you plan to fax regularly with your phone, as it will cost you more in the long run, and also because apps that are not backed by a service don’t give you a fax number, which is essential if you want to receive faxes on the go.

NOTE: This guide is to fax from cell phone using fax service’s apps. If you want to follow this mobile fax guide but don’t have an account with one of them, you can sign up with a fax service of your choice using a free trial account. Just be sure they have a working iPhone or Android app.

Once you have your login and username, we are ready to go! Follow these steps to use your cell phone for sending your first fax.

  1. Download your fax service’s app. In this example we will be working with eFax, but the process is similar with other providers. For iPhone users this means going to the App Store, Android users will need to go to Google Play.
  2. Open the app by clicking on its icon. Once open, it may ask you for login details. As I said before for the purposes of this tutorial you could be using a free trial account, which lasts for a month and let you fax online via cell phone.
  3. Click on the “Send a fax” button.
  4. Fill all the necessary fields on your cell phone, including the recipient’s numbers, the subject of the fax and any additional message you want to send with the document.
  5. Choose the method you attach the document (this depends on the app you are using, but these days the top services let’s you choose between pulling the document from the cloud to fax from Google Drive or Dropbox, attach the file from your phone, and taking a picture of a document with your phone’s camera)
  6. Once everything is in place, click SEND. Your first mobile fax is on the way!

Receiving Fax on Your Cell Phone

Receiving fax on your cell phone is even easier than sending them, as it is a fully automated process.

By using a service, it automatically “grabs” the faxes that are arriving to your email fax number, and then forwards the incoming document to both your Gmail account and your fax app in just fractions of a second. To access faxes on Gmail, just login to your account and check new emails in your Primary folder, or other folder you might have created for this purpose.

To read new faxes on your cell phone though, you just need to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the smartphone fax app of your choice for Android or iPhone.
  2. Open the app and login using your credentials, or create a new free account if you still need an email fax number.
  3. Tap on “View Faxes”. You will see a list of all received documents on your cell phone, and from there you can manage them, move them or delete them as you see fit. Each fax comes with the exact date information, in case you missed the notification.

Here you can learn more about setting up a Google fax number.

How Cell Phone Fax Apps Work

Apps work in cell phones as software works in out desktop computers, you can say that they are software for mobile phones. What this means is that they are in charge of completing specific tasks by taking advantage of our mobile device’s hardware.

Since the arrival of smartphones, we have seen the development of apps for all kinds of tasks, but the ability to fax with a cell phone is somewhat new because app developers had to comply with encryption and security measures.

Luckily, those problems have been solved and we can practically have a secure and weightless fax machine in the palm of our hands. If you don’t believe me check out some of the things you can do:

  • Send faxes. You can do this by either attaching a file (from your phone’s storage or a cloud based service such as DropBox or Google Drive), or by taking a snap of the document you want to fax from a smartphone. The app will help you adjust contrast and sharpness to make your document easily readable even in traditional fax machines.
  • Receive faxes. Anywhere at any time on Android and iPhone.
  • Sign faxes electronically. When you create your account you can add an electronic signature, which will remain saved for later use if needed. You can create your signature on your account’s page or using the phone app and then add it using your cell phone with a single tap.
  • Integrate faxes with cloud services. Do you have your documents stored in Drive or Dropbox? Don’t worry the best fax apps allow you to pull documents directly from your virtual drive so you don’t have to download anything to your SD card.

Not bad for a little smartphone app that installs in your cell phone in just a few seconds huh?

Cell phone fax is here to stay! If you are new to this technology, I’d recommend you get started with a free trial, so you can taste the waters before you start actually paying for a membership.

Remember, if you need any help setting up your cell phone to fax  just check our homepage for more info or contact us using our form, we’ll help you get set up in no time!

  Have you ever wanted to send a fax anywhere without having to depend on a fax machine? What some years ago sounded like a fantasy now is a reality thanks to the arrival of fax mobile apps that help you send and receive digital faxes on any tablet or...