how to schedule fax online

Scheduling a fax can be pretty useful when you are communicating with other countries, or when you can’t be at the office at an exact time or date.

There are two main ways to schedule your faxes when you are using an online fax service:

  • Using an extension for Gmail
  • Using your online fax dashboard

Both ways ensure your faxes have been delivered by sending a fax confirmation once the transmission has been received on the other end.

1. Using an Extension for Gmail

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t allow us to schedule emails, so it’s impossible to do so without the aid of an extensions. Extensions add more functionalities to e-mail, allowing you to do more advanced stuff.

The specific extension we need for this purpose is called Boomerang. What it does is install a new button in your composing window that says “Send Later”. You click it and then simply pick a time from the menu. You can set faxes to be sent in hours, days, weeks, or you simply pick the exact date and time from the pop-up calendar.

Before scheduling your email, make sure you are following all the steps needed to fax from Gmail. and double-check the recipient’s number.

The downside of using Boomerang is that you have to pay for a subscription. There’s also a free account version, but it only lets you schedule 10 emails per month. If that’s less than what you need, you can find plans for as low as $4.99.

2. Using your Online Fax Dashboard

Although the previous method allows us to keep using Gmail for fax, why not do it for free if we have the scheduling feature available in our online fax services?

That’s right, all the best online fax services let you easily schedule a fax, but you can only access this feature from your online fax account.

Sign into your online fax account, and click on Send Fax, or a similar title.

Then fill all the details of the fax as you normally would, but don’t send it yet! Look for a section called Schedule. You may need to enable it first from the same screen.

Now it’s just a matter of picking a date from the calendar and setting the exact time. Now finish by clicking on the Schedule Button.

Faxes that are scheduled are stored temporarily in the Outbox folder, where you can also check out their respective statuses.

Set Your Faxes for Later, Get Rid of Anxiety

Scheduling your fax is a great way to get rid of the anxiety of having to stay at the office at a certain time. With just a few steps you can forget about it and free your mind for other important tasks in your business.

If you are complementing your online fax service with a mobile app, you can receive an instant notification that your fax has been delivered pretty much anywhere! Take advantage of this powerful feature!