When we think about traditional faxing, we tend to think about fax machines and how they “chain” us to the office if we want to to send or receive documents. Wireless fax has changed all that; it is possible to fax wirelessly through different methods.

The first one involves using your cell phone to fax. You use an online fax service and an install an app on your phone, using your network as a digital line.

The second method lets you fax wirelessly from your computer by using your WiFi connection, the same one you use to connect to Internet on your home or office.

The third method involves using a fax machine or a printer with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Not all methods work the same, so let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Fax Wirelessly Through Your Cell Phone

This is in our opinion the most useful alternative to fax on the go, especially useful for people who want to fax with their smartphones or tablets. You do this through an online fax service.

Fax services let you receive and send faxes with your computer through your email fax number, but they have also developed mobile fax apps that basically let you turn your mobile device into a working fax machine. Using your phone’s camera or pulling a document from your phone you can send a fax in no time.

This method is for working with digital documents only, for a physical copy you’ll still need a printer.

2. Wireless Fax Through WiFi

As we have said earlier, with an email fax service you can receive faxes through the Internet. among other things, this means that you can receive fax wirelessly on any device that is connected to the Internet.

Services deliver faxes to your phone (like in the method above), but you can also receive fax on Gmail, other email of your choice, or via your online fax dashboard.

there are also some machines that can connect to Wi-Fi for faxing, they are a sort of hybrid fax machine that tries to combine both worlds. However, these machines still need a physical dedicated fax line to work, they just communicate over Wi-fi with your computer.

3. GSM, CDMA Wireless Fax Machines

There are fax machines that work with a wireless mobile connection, they are known as GSM or CDMA fax machines, and they both work the same the only difference is that they operate through different types of networks, which vary according to your mobile Internet provider.

These machines are not as popular as the other alternatives, mainly because it is not as easy to integrate in the office. There’s also the problem of document quality which can change from transmission to transmission depending on the conditions of your connection.

Which One is The Best Option?

Given the advancements in online fax technology, we have to say that the first option is the best one.  What can be easier than just grabbing your phone and start faxing away? These mobile apps let you fax from cell phone easily.  Sure, they may not have the full set of features available from the get-go, but you can do things such as scheduling faxes, and sign important faxes electronically.