How to Get a Free Google Fax Number

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A Google fax number is simply a virtual fax number that redirects all incoming faxes to your Gmail address’ inbox, allowing you to fax from your computer without leaving the big G’s services.

Some years ago, when we had to use fax machines to send and receive documents, we needed to have a dedicated fax line so we could communicate without problems with clients and providers. This line, of course, cost money so we had to take that into account on top of the cost of the fax machine.

Nowadays the World is very different. Thanks to the development of online fax technology we can use our Gmail address to send and receive fax in a matter of seconds. One of the biggest advantages of this is that we don’t need to pay more for a dedicated fax line; we can instead opt to use a Google fax number.

Getting Started

To be able to fax from Google you need two things: a Gmail address (which I guess you already have!) and an email fax service. A service is needed to be able to send and receive faxes online, they have different features to make faxing faster and easier, but the one that is of interest for us in this article is the availability of free virtual fax numbers with each account.

When you sign up for an email fax service you are given the option of choosing between a toll-free or a local number, depending on what works best for your company. This virtual fax number will “grab” incoming faxes and send them for immediate digital conversion. This is a very easy process that takes place in the background. At the same time, you will also be able to send fax from Gmail with this virtual line.

To this day, the only way to get a virtual number is through a fax service provider. You can find different sites to fax online for free, but they only let you send one or two pages of fax per day or IP address, and don’t give you any type of number to receive faxes – this means that you still need a fax machine and a dedicated line! That’s not what we want. Services, on the other hand, charge you a monthly fee for faxing, it can go as low as $5 per month, which is really affordable by any type of business, and your number comes included free of charge. But what if you want a completely free solution? Is there any way to get a number without spending money?

You can get your fax number at no extra cost if you sign up for a free trial account with a fax service. Most major services offer you the chance of opening a fully-featured test account that is active for 30 days. These accounts work exactly the same as “paid” accounts, which means that you will have the option of choosing your own virtual number at the moment of signing up. This alternative is not only great to get a number, but also to test out which service ends up being more helpful for you or your business.

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Recommended Google Fax Services

These are the services that in our opinion do a better job at letting you fax from Google apps. They integrate perfectly with Gmail and are reliable for occasional and power users, what’s better, they let you try them for free before you actually start paying for a plan!

  • RingCentral Fax. They do a perfect job integrating fax features in Gmail, with local and toll-free numbers available in USA, Canada, and most recently UK. This fax service is packed with lots of useful features.
  • eFax is one of the top-rated fax services in the World. As a matter of fact, this company has a presence (and numbers) available in more than 40 countries, making it the biggest fax company right now. You can create your account very quickly and pick between local and toll-free numbers available in your area.
  • MyFax. Their plans pack a lot of punch for a good price. Although this company is “younger” than the two listed above, it has quickly landed among the top Gmail fax services thanks to its integration and reliability. It may lack some advanced features but if you want to only take care of basic faxing this service is perfect for you.

How a Google Fax Number Works

When someone wants to send a fax with a computer or machine they will use your virtual number, which is just as any common fax number out there. This number will get the TIFF image transmitted by the fax machine and will send it to powerful fax servers which are able to convert the image into a digital file (usually a PDF) and forward it to your Gmail inbox. This is a fully automated process, you don’t have to intervene at no point, the only thing you do is check your inbox for new fax messages as if they were new emails. Learn more about how to receive faxes on a Gmail inbox.

Most major fax companies on the Web offer numbers covering major cities across the USA, but you can also find good services such as MyFax and RingCentral, which offer numbers in Canada or UK; and if that doesn’t cover your area you can try eFax which offers number in more than 40 countries around the Globe. The trick is to research a bit and see what’s better for your specific case.

Which type of number to choose is entirely up to you, some companies prefer to have toll-free numbers to deal with customers, but the choice varies from case to case and it’s something you’ll want to evaluate. In any case a Google fax number is a powerful tool that will add speed to your communications and will help you save money.

types of google fax numbers

What Types of Google Fax Numbers Can I Choose?

One of the biggest benefits of using a Google fax service is that you automatically get a free fax number with your subscription.  Unlike traditional phone numbers, which work using a physical phone line, this number works over Internet protocol using powerful servers capable of converting digital documents into fax transmissions and vice-versa.

When selecting a fax number, you’ll find that there are different alternatives at your disposition.  The one that’s best for you will be chosen depending on your needs or the needs of your company, taking into account factors such as ease of use, convenience, and availability. In this guide, we will take a look at your options so you can make the smartest decision.

To get started, there are three types of fax numbers you can pick:

  • Local numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Vanity numbers

Most services only offer local and toll-free dedicated numbers for free, and for most businesses, this is absolutely fine. Vanity numbers (those numbers you see like 1-800 CALL US NOW) often require an extra fee and are subject to availability in your area.  As an additional alternative, you can port your current fax number and move it to the Internet to be capable of faxing from Gmail or other email of your choice.  You can check out our detailed article on this topic here.  This service is known as “fax number porting” and is often offered for free when creating a new account

Toll-Free Fax Numbers

These are numbers that are accessible with free calls. Toll-free numbers were first introduced in 1967 by AT&T with the 1-800 prefix, and since then, they have been adopted by millions of businesses in the United States. Just in 2008, it was estimated that more than 23 million companies used toll-free numbers, and many of them more than one! Why are they so popular? Well, they are easily remembered, and that’s something every marketing department loves.  You can easily recognize them by the number prefix.  The most common one is 800, but they can also have the following prefixes: 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844.

A toll-free fax number is preferred by businesses because it allows customers to reach them quickly without having to spend any money on a call. Instead the call is forwarded and any charge is assumed by you or your company. You can learn more about toll-free numbers on . The article is a little bit technical, but if you are interested in finding out more about this technology is an interesting read!

Local Fax Numbers

These are numbers that contain the area code of your location or your business’ location.  If you own a local business, you may want to select this type of number.  It is not free for clients or providers, but the area code gives you a trust signal for customers who prefer to deal with a local business. This is also a great option for those of you interested just in personal faxing.

You can also find local numbers in other countries.  There are fax services which have a presence in dozens of countries around the World, the best known of them are MyFax and eFax.

Vanity Fax Numbers

As the name implies, these are numbers that offer an aesthetic value to your business and can be promoted easily to new customers.  They work with the following five prefixes: 1-800, 1-888, 1-877 and 1-866.

With this option, you can customize your phone to look the way you want to. So for example, if you own a web design firm, you can set it to 1-800-DESIGN1.  Keep in mind that these numbers act as an extension of your brand, so pick a phrase that best represents you and is easy to recognize.

Vanity numbers are subject to availability in your area and require to pay an extra fee.

What Email Fax Number is Best for You?

Now that you know the difference between each type of number, you can make a final decision about the fax number you’ll use for Gmail faxing, picking one that is suitable for your needs or the needs of your business.  Let’s summarize things up!

  • Toll-free numbers are ideal for businesses with a focus on clients and easy access.
  • Local numbers are the best bet when you have a local business and want to add trust to your nearby clients.
  • Vanity numbers are helpful when you want to promote your brand and be easily recognizable. They can be customized to spell certain words, if available.

But wait… what if you simply want to keep using your current number and change it from a physical line to a digital one? In that case, you need to make the transfer to the digital platform using a process known as “fax number porting.”

port your fax number

Keep Using Your Current Fax Number

There are times when a new fax phone isn’t what you are looking for. This is especially true in established businesses that want to make the jump to digital faxing, but have already a known number for incoming faxes. Having a new fax number just makes matters more problematic since you have to update your contact information across multiple channels.

The solution comes with a process called “number porting”. Simply put, it will turn your current fax line into a digital one, able to receive faxes on the Internet. The process can take up to a week though, and during those days you will be given a temporary fax number (local or toll free) which will stay active for a full month, more than enough time to make sure the porting process has been completed without inconveniences.

If you plan to port your current fax number, make sure you choose a respectable email fax company. It may cost a bit more than other alternatives, but you can rest assured they have the necessary team to make porting faster and more effective.

Are These Numbers Different From “Normal” Ones?

No, the number will look exactly the same as a common number and is reachable by fax machines.  When someone dials this number it will automatically put the tone to receive faxes.

The difference lies in what happens “behind the scenes”.  Instead of data traveling via a physical line, it goes through a digital one by using Fax Over Internet Protocol or FOIP.

Link Your Number to Multiple Gmail Addresses

You don’t have to get a dedicated line for faxing for every email that needs faxing capabilities. Most Fax Over IP services allow you to link up to 5 different email addresses to a single virtual number. This is a useful feature that comes in very handy when more than one people is in charge of sending and receiving faxes, and lets you save time that you’d otherwise spend forwarding every incoming document. This feature is optional, of course, you can set faxes to be received by just one person.

This process is automatic, and despite delivering the fax to multiple recipients it does so without spending extra time.

google voice

Can I Fax with Google Voice?

In this past month, we have received many comments regarding the possibility of receiving faxes with Google Voice. Is that possible? Let’s take a look at this.

Available since 2009 after it was purchased from GrandCentral, Voice is Google’s telephony service available for users in Canada and the U.S. Today, thousands of businesses make use of it because of features such as a free number, voicemail transcriptions, call screening, mobile access, number porting and more.

But what about faxing? With the huge forward leaps in the field of online faxing, many people believed that Google would include this feature into this service. But if you take a look at Google Voice page, you’ll see that faxing is nowhere to be found.
Can I Send and Receive Faxes Using a Google Voice Number?

Unfortunately no. In a now deleted support page (which you can still found on Wayback Machine), the company talked about Fax capabilities, saying:

“At this time, you can’t use your Google number as a fax number. If this is a feature you’d like to see added to Google Voice, please send us your feedback.”

That pretty much settles it. But we can confirm it because we have tried connecting a fax machine to a Google Voice line and it doesn’t work. This type of line is not compatible with faxing only for normal phone calls, as it doesn’t use the T.38 fax relay standard.

Well, the truth is that the interest is still there, judging by the amount of comments we have received.

Move Your Google Voice Number

If you already have a Google Voice fax number, you can transfer it to an online fax service.  Right now, all of the services we have reviewed on our website offer assistance throughout the whole process, which should take a week to complete.  The first step is unblocking your number from your Voice account, so it can be moved.

Once the porting is complete, your number will be ready to receive faxes.  Nevertheless, it won’t be able to receive calls again, only faxes.  VoIP calls use another type of data transmission.

An online fax service will not only help you move your Voice number to a digital fax platform.  It will also let you integrate fax into other Google services.

Are Online Fax Services Compatible With Google Voice?

No. Fax services operate through their own online fax numbers and lines. Contrary to what happens with Google Voice, this lines are compatible with fax machines and can convert incoming transmissions into digital data easily.

Can I Fax a PDF With Google Voice?

Well again, no. But on the other hand fax services are compatible with PDF and more. Among the most common file formats fax services are able to send and receive you can find Word DOCs, XLS, TXT, BMP and JPG. Some services provide compatibility with dozens of different file formats, focusing on those used by industries that rely heavily on faxing.

Why are there people claiming they had success connecting fax to Google Voice?

There are extremely rare reports of people whose fax machine was working with Google Voice, but it wasn’t for long. I would personally distrust any of these claims. Why? Well because the main issue lies in the type of line we are using.

When we use Google Voice, we are using VoIP which handles incoming signals different than FoIP (Fax Over IP). Only FoIP technology is able to convert faxes efficiently, independently of its contents. Fax services do provide FoIP lines that’s why they remain your best option.

Are there any plug-ins or add-ons for Voice to send faxes?

No, no plug-in for Voice has been developed so far.

How to Send Fax from Your Gmail Account

how to fax from gmail

Gmail is without a doubt, the free email service that enjoys most popularity on the Web.  Created by Google back in 2004, Gmail started out with accounts that could only be created with an invitation, but today everyone can have their own address in seconds, joining millions of others that are created on a daily basis. Gmail has stood the test of time as one of the must-have web tools in the modern World.

Because Gmail is a product of Google, it can be used along other services from the company, such as Google Drive , Google Maps, Calendar, etc.  This integration saves you time that could be better spent on other activities.  However, a feature that’s missing is the ability to send fax from Gmail.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t plan to add these type of features to their email service. As a matter of fact, on a Google Voice support page they have made pretty clear that online faxing is not on their plans. So, if you want to fax using your email you’ll need a Gmail-compatible email-to-fax service.

These days you can fax online with Gmail through the help of third-party services that link your email address to a Fax Over IP line, letting you send and receive faxes from your computer without the need of a fax machine or a physical line.  As you’ll learn in this guide, faxing with a Gmail fax service is just like sending a common email so making the jump to online fax is easy and simple.

Try It for Free!

Gmail fax service providers such as RingCentral or eFax  give you the chance to send fax online free for 30 days. These accounts are fully featured, which means you can fax in the same way as a paid user.  This is an excellent way to learn how to send fax through Gmail before choosing a monthly plan.

There are also other fax services that allow you to send limited number of faxes for free. You can’t use Gmail for this, so you’ll need to use an online form in a website. Once your free pages have ran out, you’ll have to continue paying per page sent.

In my opinion, this is an alternative that can end up being more costly if you fax regularly, and on top of that there’s no guarantee the document is going to arrive its destination as they state in their websites. Security? Forget about using these free sites if you are sending sensitive info. This alternative is useful if you are only sending a fax occasionally, but it can’t be linked to Gmail.

How to Send a Fax from Gmail in 5 Steps

Sending a fax via email is very similar to sending a simple email message.  There are only a minor of differences that you’ll need to consider:

  • The fax number goes on the TO field.
  • The document you want to fax is uploaded as an attachment.
  • The cover page contents are entered on the “Subject” and “Body” of the message.

To complete the steps in this tutorial, you’ll need an online fax service account. If you don’t have one and want to try this method, I recommend you create a free trial account with the service of your choice (scroll down to find our recommendations).

  • STEP 1: Compose a New Email

Access Gmail and click the COMPOSE button located on the sidebar to set your fax.

  • STEP 2: Enter the Recipient’s Fax Number

Enter the destination fax number on the “To:” field, followed by “”

For instance, if you want to fax to the number 1-888-473-2963 and you are using RingCentral as your online fax provider, you’ll have to send the email to this domain:, so this is what you’ll have to type in Gmail:

The number must contain the area code or international prefix, if applicable.

gmail fax set up

  • STEP 3: Add a Cover Page

Enter the title of the cover page on the “Subject” field. If you want to add more information use the “Message” field.

Services also provide customizable cover pages, easy to edit, for all types of documents.

  • STEP 4 : Add the File you Want to Fax as an Attachment

All online fax services are compatible with popular file formats like DOC, XLS, BMP, TIFF, PDF and TXT. But they also work with obscurer file types.

Most of the times you’ll need to upload documents from a hard drive, but in recent times some services have added the option to pull them from your Google Drive, account. You can do this via Gmail’s interface by clicking on the Google Drive icon.

  • STEP 5: Press Send!

Now you’ve finished creating your email fax message.  To send it simply press the SEND button!

The transmission takes a couple of minutes to complete.  If everything goes well, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

If there’s a problem during the transmission due to a busy line on the other end, the service will automatically try to send the file again several times.


Why Fax Using Gmail?

Online faxing has forever changed the way we fax. This new technology has finally brought faxing to the modern area, improving its speed and quality. Now faxing is as easy as sending an email, you just need the right tools for the job: an email account and a fax service.

We prefer using Gmail because it is the most reliable email service out there, it’s free and it is commonly used among businesses. Fax service on the others hand come with different prices and plans, so it is worth checking out what works best for you.

If you are still using a fax machine you may not know this, but faxing over Gmail could provide great benefits for your company. And that’s not all; as we communicate daily with our visitors we have realized that even people with active accounts don’t know all they can do with their service!

But don’t fret. In this article you’ll learn all about the pros of using a fax service. I hope this can help you make the jump to online fax or fully take advantage of your online faxing capabilities. Let’s get started!

1. Send Faxes Quickly

It all takes to send a fax via Gmail is to compose a simple email message. Forget about “feeding” your fax machine with papers all day long, with online fax you can send documents straight from your computer in just a few clicks.

There’s also a more advanced feature that not many people know about. It is called fax scheduling and as you might guess it lets you set an exact time and date to deliver your faxes. You won’t believe the amount of time I have saved by this feature alone.

If we compare the time it takes to send Gmail fax to the time it takes to take a conventional fax, we’ll see that it is cut in more than a half!

2. Receive Faxes Automatically

Receiving faxes on Gmail is just a matter of checking your inbox. Faxes will arrive as emails, but you can also opt to receive notifications of incoming faxes on your mobile phone.

Every new fax coming your way will be available in Gmail, and you can take advantage of the email service’s tagging feature to keep things organized. You can also opt to receive faxes using another email address, but Google’s email service is hands-down the best alternative in terms of speed and fax-friendly features.

Incoming faxes will also arrive to your fax service’s online dashboard along with a detailed log of the transmission. Some services offer unlimited storage of faxes as long as you keep an active account so you’ll always have an extra copy on Gmail.

3. Google Drive Integration

Modern offices work with cloud-based storage to improve collaboration within the company and speed up workflow. It makes sense that they also want to fax cloud based documents in popular sites and in the past two years his has become a reality.

Fax services let you pull documents from the cloud to fax them directly. You can accomplish this through a couple of methods detailed in this article. Google Drive is compatible with this way of faxing, but you can opt to use other cloud services, namely Drop and Dropbox.

4. Get Your Dedicated Digital Fax Line

One of the greatest benefits of using an online fax service is that you automatically get a Google fax number. This will act as your dedicated line to receive faxes, and since it is active 24/7, you can forget about dealing with interruptions.

At the moment of signing up with a provider you can choose between a local, toll-free or a vanity numbers. The vast majority of providers cover the USA and Canada, but for other countries I advise you contact a representative first for coverage information.

Yet another option is to port your physical fax line to a digital one. This is a process that is easily handled by your provider. Just ask for assistance with a fax porting process, and in a couple of days your line will be active and propagated across the Web.

Virtual fax numbers have become a game-changer in the World of faxing, giving you flexibility to receive faxes in different ways. And that takes us to our next benefit…

5. Send Fax on The Go With Your Phone

The latest feature that we can find among Gmail fax services. With the help of an app you can connect your fax account to your cell phone, turning it into a portable faxing machine capable of sending and receiving faxes.

When sending a fax this way you’ll have the option to fax a document stored in your phone or Drive account, or you can simply use your phone’s camera as a document scanner. Just take a picture and the app will optimize it to be perfectly readable on another fax machine.

6. Security

What remains the same about faxing is security. If you work with sensitive documents you’ll be happy to know that all the best fax providers guarantee the privacy of your communications. Even though you do your fax via email, the whole transmission to another fax machine is fully encrypted and protected.

This is an important benefit, since most people stick to traditional faxing for security reasons but there’s no need to.

Recap the Benefits of Faxing Online

Fax services are not perfect but they are a huge step forward in the world of faxing and are much better than fax machines. Thanks to digital faxing we can communicate with a speed that fits this era we are living in, while retaining the security and formality that fax document needs.

If you want to learn more about Gmail faxing we invite you to check out our tutorials section , where we have all the information to get you set up in no time!

How to Receive Faxes in Your Gmail Inbox (Easy)

how to receive fax gmail

Today’s immediacy in communications has influenced old ways of communicating, such as fax, which has evolved to be safer, faster and ultimately, more cost efficient. We no longer need a machine and a dedicated fax line to share documents, now we can receive fax on Gmail using just our computers and an Internet connection.

In this article you will learn how to receive faxes on your computer using your Gmail account and an online fax number.  It’s extremely easy! Let’s get started!

What Do You Need?

An email fax service. These are companies that allow you to fax by email and give you a free Google fax number (a term for a virtual fax number that redirects faxes to Gmail)– the most important item you need to receive Gmail fax. These numbers don’t require any physical installation, they work over Internet Protocol and their main function is to send the fax file for conversion. Once it is converted, the fax is then forwarded to your Gmail inbox, all in just a matter of seconds.

Fax services are not free (they need to assign and set up your virtual number), but they are needed to add fax features to Gmail. You can, however, take advantage services like RingCentral or eFax, which offer you the chance of creating a free account during a full month.

You need the fax number linked to your Gmail address. If you want to fax for free for a while you can sign up for a free trial or a demo version of a service.

A Gmail address. I imagine you already have one; if not, here you can open a new account.

NOTE: We recommend you create a new Gmail address to deal with faxes. With the amount of spam that always seems to creep into our emails it’s better to keep things organized and easy to find.

Linking Your Virtual Fax Number to Gmail

how to receive fax using gmail

This is the only step you need and as you will see it is extremely easy.

At the moment of signing up with an email fax service just enter your desired Gmail address and pick your number (you have the option between local and toll-free depending on your country/area). Once you’ve done this, both will be automatically linked, so if someone sends you a fax using that number, it will be converted and forwarded to your inbox as a PDF attachment.

NOTE: Some services let you link the same number to up to 5 different addresses. The process is the same and faxes will be delivered at the same speed.

Alternatively, you can head out to the web fax online account and change the address to a Gmail one. Here’s a simple example on how this looks when faxing with RingCentral. By the way, all services are similar in this aspect.


setting up a fax account

Once you’ve done this, you are ready to receive faxes. You will receive them straight in your Gmail inbox, but a copy will also be stored in your online fax dashboard, and alternatively, your mobile phone.

Why Use Gmail to Receive Faxes?

One of the coolest things about opting to receive faxes on your Google Mail account is that Google provides a lot of interesting and useful features that can make faxing and sorting documents easily. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Labeling faxes. With Gmail you can easily create a label and use them on your fax documents. I personally use labels to distinguish between critical faxes and common fax communications, but you can name them as you want, like for example to help distinguishing between personal and business faxes.

Integration with Google Drive. Drive is the cloud-based storage service offered by Google and it is completely free to use. With just a click you can send your incoming faxes to Drive or easy storage and sharing, and have them neatly organized with their easy-to-use interface. Many fax services also give you the option to fax from Google Drive directly.

Integration with fax services. Of all the free email providers out there, Gmail is the safest and easiest to use. It also integrates perfectly with web fax functions, that’s why millions of people have started to use Gmail to send a fax online.

Lightning-fast speed. Receiving faxes over email is the fastest way to do it. Faxes arrive automatically in a completely hands-free process.

Access faxes anywhere. You can check out your faxes anywhere as long as you have access to Gmail and access to the Internet. This is a revolutionary benefit that is impossible to enjoy if we keep on relying on fax machines. You can even download mobile apps to receive faxes in your phone.

Final Thoughts

Receiving faxes through Gmail is very easy and it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to set up your account, but know that you’ll need to sign up for a paid fax service to receive a dedicated fax number.

Services such as eFax or RingCentral will help you do this, but if you don’t want to spend money at first you should be able to get a free trial. Make sure you cancel it before the trial period is over if you don’t want to start using a paid plan.

If you are still using a fax machine, what are you waiting for? This new way of faxing will completely improve the way your company communicates.

How to Fax Using Google Drive

fax google docs documents

Digital fax technology continues growing and changing the way we communicate. In the past year, we have seen two main advances in email fax technology.  The first one is the development of innovative mobile apps that transform your smartphone into a virtual fax machine capable of sending, receiving and composing faxes; they have represented a significant step forward, introducing the term “mobility” to the world of faxing and putting it lights years ahead of traditional fax technology.

The second change came a little bit later but has improved the way we take care of faxes on the go.  It is called “cloud faxing,” a feature that has become quickly popular and that, truth be told, was much needed. Cloud fax technology lets you fax online by pulling documents from the major cloud-based storage services on the Web, including Google Drive.

In this guide you’ll learn how to fax from the Drive in different ways, so you can pick the one that works best for you. You can also find more information on this guide.

Option 1 – Faxing From Gmail

If you have already linked an email fax number and a Gmail address through a service, this is the simplest way to fax, since you can do it all from Gmail’s interface.

Sending a fax via this method is very similar to sending a fax through Gmail.

First, go to COMPOSE and create a new e-mail message.  Include the fax number in the TO field using the directions of your fax service provider (it should look like this:

On the Subject and Message fields include the contents of the fax cover page, and now instead of attaching a file from your computer using the clip icon, make sure you click on this cool little icon:

step 3 attach document


That’s the button to “Insert Files Using Drive”, and once you click it, you will be prompted to a file selection box within your Drive account, where you can pick any document you want.  Note that for this to work, you have to keep you Drive documents in the same Gmail address you use for faxing or share the document with your primary fax address.

This way of faxing is very helpful; you can even upload a document from the same window, add it to your fax, and store it at the same time!

Option 2: Fax from a Google Docs Add-On

If you want to fax directly from the Google Drive’s interface, you will need an add-on.  The best one I have tried so far is the one offered by HelloFax. This add-on is perfect for people who want to work on their documents using Drive’s text editor.

Getting started is very easy.  First, you need to get the add on at

Once you install it, it will ask authorization to link it to your Google account. From there, you will find the option to send faxes under the “Add-ons” drop-down menu.

hellofax for google drive

When you want to send a fax, select the Hello Fax Add-on, and a dialog box will appear on the right side of the screen, where you enter the fax number and the information to be included on the cover page.  You can test this out now for free since HelloFax offers five pages of fax for free!

Option 3: Faxing from an Email Fax Service

This third option is available if you have a free or paid fax account with an email fax service such as Ringcentral Fax, who provide cloud faxing features.  It involves using your online dashboard, a place where you can directly manage your faxes and settings.

Within you fax account, you can find extra features for sending and receiving faxes. The one that we care about the most in this tutorial is the “Attached file” selection, where we can choose between a local document or a cloud-stored document.  Here’s an example of how this looks using RingCentral Fax’s FaxOut web tool.

Just enter your fax account, click on FaxOut, and authorize that you want to pull documents from cloud services.  From there you can quickly pick files from not only Google Drive, but also other popular services such as DropBox and Box.

RingCentral FaxOut interface

Once you attach the files, you can send the document directly or schedule it for later.  Once you send the document, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

What Are the Advantages of Faxing from Google Drive?

It makes mobile faxing easier.  When faxing from your phone, it is more convenient to have documents stored and pulled from cloud services.  A service like Google Drive has no downtime, which means your documents will always be available.

Makes documents more accessible. Cloud-stored documents can be shared with many people within your business or organization, improving the workflow along the way.  Google Drive lets you share documents with other accounts easily with just a few pushes of a button. You can as well determine which faxes need to stay private.

Saves money. It has been proven that businesses that switch to online faxing greatly decrease their communications expenses. Drive comes completely free with all Google accounts, so you don’t have to buy anything extra.

Document backups.  Having documents stored in the cloud is an excellent way to keep them safe in the case of an emergency, no matter the time or location.

Total Google integration.  We love Google services, and it is awesome to have your fax account integrated with them.  They are a reliable company that always keep improving and giving us users a better experience.