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It's time to say goodbye to fax machines and hello to modern technology!​ ​Nowadays, you can easily send a fax from Gmail without the need for a physical fax machine or fax line. In this tutorial you'll learn how to send your first fax using this ​only your Gmail account.

Fax-to-email services let you send fax ​via Gmail in just a few steps, by providing you with a virtual fax line that is ready to be used in minutes. Read on to get started in no time!

Fax-to-email services let you send fax from Gmail in just a few steps, by providing you with a virtual fax line that is ready to be used in minutes.

  1. ​​​​Create a new email message by clicking on the Compose button.
  2. ​​​Enter the recipient's fax number, including the country code/area code on the TO field of the email message.  ​Then, add @​ and the domain of your fax service next to it.  It should look like this:  ​For instance, if you need to send fax to the number 1-343-777-5555 using eFax, this is what you would need to type on the TO field:
  3. If you need to add ​a cover letter page, ​use the Subject ​line and/or the message’s body.  You don't need to include a cover letter if you don't want to. It's an optional step for people that need to include additional information about the fax transmission.  ​The design of your cover pages can be changed through your online fax account at any time.
  4. ​Add the ​files that are going to be converted to fax documents.​ fax ​providers work with dozens of different formats including popular ones such as PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, TIFF and TXT. ​  To attach the ​file(s), ​click on the paperclip icon (Attach files) on the bottom of the composing window​. Mobile app users will find this icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  5. ​Make sure all the information is correct before you send a fax online on your Gmail message. Click on the Send button and your document will be sent for conversion, then forwarded to the receiver's fax machine.
Gmail fax

​​It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes ​to complete the transmission​. You’ll get a confirmation message on your Gmail account with all the details of your fax.  If there’s an error along the way, ​online service providers will retry sending it multiple times to ensure ​your fax reaches its destination.

What' s The Difference Between ​Gmail Fax and Traditional Fax?

​The first difference between a "traditional" email and a Gmail fax is that you enter the number on the TO field, followed by @ and the domain of your ​digital fax provider.

The second difference when you ​send fax from Gmail is that the ​fax contents have to be ​attached to the email to fax message​. This file will be automatically converted into a fax ​document, and remain fully compatible with common fax machines. ​

​The Best Gmail Fax Services of 2023

​An online fax service will ​give you a Gmail fax number, enabling you to send and receive fax to Gmail without leaving the email interface. It will also give you a domain that you have to add to the recipient's number when composing an email to fax (more about in the step-by-step guide below), and provide additional features such as mobile apps and integration with Google Docs.

​You can send fax ​online free by signing up for a free trial with any of these recommended services:

  • ​eFax.  ​​This is the biggest online fax provider, with numbers available in multiple countries and cities.  ​Once you pick your number, it can be linked to any Gmail address. It is fully compatible with Gmail and other free email services as well. eFax's mobile app is the best one in the market, letting fax from pretty much anywhere.
  • RingCentral Fax.  ​This company has a​ fax from email solution as a stand-alone product or as part of their virtual office suite, RingCentral Office.  With years in the market, this company is always including new features to online fax. ​They provide coverage in the US, Canada and UK.

​Useful Tips to Send Faxes Through Gmail

Faxing through a fax-to-email service can be a convenient and efficient way to send and receive documents digitally, but there are a few tips you can follow to improve the success rate of your fax transmissions.

  • Use a stable internet connection: A strong and stable internet connection is essential for successful faxing, as any interruptions in the connection could cause the fax to fail. Make sure you are connected to a reliable network before sending a fax.
  • Attach only one file per fax: It is generally best to attach only one file per fax, as sending multiple files at once can increase the chances of the fax failing. If you need to send multiple documents, consider sending them in separate faxes.
  • Verify the recipient's fax number: Make sure you have the correct fax number for the recipient before sending a fax. A mistake in the fax number could result in the fax being sent to the wrong location or failing altogether.
  • Keep an eye on the confirmation message: After sending a fax, you should receive a confirmation message in your ​Gmail inbox with details about the transmission. If you do not receive this message, or if it indicates that the fax was not successful, you may need to resend the fax or troubleshoot the issue.
  • Use a reputable Gmail fax service provider: Choosing a reliable and reputable fax service provider can also help ensure the success of your fax transmissions. Look for a provider with a good track record and positive customer reviews.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your faxes are transmitted successfully and arrive at their intended destination.

​Advantages of Faxing from Gmail

  • Convenience: Faxing from email allows you to send and receive fax without the need for additional equipment. This can be especially useful if you are traveling or working remotely and do not have access to a fax machine.
  • Ease of use: ​Online faxing is easy and straightforward. You simply attach the document you want to fax to an email message and send it to the recipient's fax number. The fax service will then send the document to the recipient's fax machine.
  • Security: Faxing from Gmail can be more secure than traditional faxing because the documents are transmitted over the internet rather than a phone line. This means that they are less likely to be intercepted or compromised.
  • Cost: ​This way of faxing may be less expensive than traditional faxing, especially if you are sending or receiving large volumes of faxes. Some fax services offer free or low-cost plans for individuals or businesses.
  • Document storage: Faxing ​online allows you to easily store and organize your faxes in your email inbox or other cloud storage service. This can be useful for keeping track of important documents and for easy access when you need to review them.

​Frequently Asked Questions

​1. What is a fax-to-email service?

​ A fax-to-email service is a type of service that allows you to send and receive faxes through your email account. This means you can send a fax from your email program, such as Gmail, without the need for a fax machine or a dedicated fax line. It also lets you integrate other Google tools, including Google Drive.

​2. How many Gmail addresses can be linked to a virtual fax line?

Most ​online fax services let you link up to 5 different addresses to a single fax number.  The automated fax service will deliver the fax at the same time to all addresses.  

​3. Can I use another email provider?

​Yes.  As a matter of fact, you can ​be sending faxes from any email address you own, no matter if it's from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or even a proprietary email address with your own domain. The reason we prefer Gmail is because it's very fast, and it can be used along with other Google apps such as Drive or Docs.

​4. What if I go beyond the amount of pages I can send per month?

In that case, a Gmail fax provider will charge you an overage fee.  This means that once beyond your limit, you'll start paying per page you send, that's why it is very important to pick a good plan. Overage fees are pretty low. In average, you can expect to pay 10 cents for each page you send.

​5. What types of files can I fax from email?

​Most fax-to-email services support a variety of file formats, including PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, TIFF, and TXT. You can attach these files to your email message and they will be automatically converted into a fax document that is compatible with traditional fax machines.

​6. Can I fax from a mobile device?

​Yes, it is possible to send a fax from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. This can be done using a fax app or by accessing a fax-to-email service through the mobile browser.

​7. Can I receive faxes in my email inbox?

​Yes, most fax-to-email services allow you to receive faxes in your email inbox. To do this, you will need to set up a virtual fax number that is linked to your email account. Any faxes received at this number will be sent to your email inbox as a PDF or other digital document.

​8. Are there any legal considerations to consider when faxing from email?

​It is important to consider any legal implications of sending a fax through an email service, as this may not be considered a secure method of communication in certain situations. If you are sending sensitive or confidential information, it may be necessary to use a more secure faxing method.

Final Words

​Sending fax ​with Gmail doesn't have to be hard. ​Online fax is the perfect solution for small businesses that want to decrease the time and money they spend with traditional ​fax machines. ​Fax to email technology is easy to integrate in ​your company​. Even if you currently have a dedicated fax line in place, you can transfer it to a digital one and keep using your ​existing number.

To ​send fax online you just need your computer and an ​online fax service.  ​The steps to compose a fax are so simple that even people ​who consider themselves to be technically challenged won't have a problem ​with the process. On the other hand, you can create a Gmail ​ account at any time for free.

The availability of free alternatives makes it very easy to find a service that works for you. Besides price, there are other factors worth keeping into account, such as support, speed, compatible apps, file compatibility and the type of ​free Google fax numbers they provide.