Forget about using a fax machine again! Now you can send fax through Gmail without having to spend money on a fax machine or even a fax line thanks to the power of online fax technology.

Sending fax online from Gmail is easier than you think, in fact, if you know how to send a common email you already know 99% of the process. In this easy-to-follow guide you'll learn how to send your first Gmail fax and show you how you can get started for free!

How to Send Fax from Gmail

To send a fax online with Gmail follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with an online fax service. We recommend you to create a free account with a service like eFax which is fully compatible with Gmail addresses.
  2. Compose a new email message in Gmail, by clicking on the Compose button.
  3. Enter the recipient's fax number, including the country code/area code on the TO field of the email message.  Then, add @ and the domain of your fax service next to it.  It should look like this:  For instance, if you need to send a document to the number 1-343-777-5555 using eFax, this is what you would need to type on the TO field:
  4. Use the Subject line and/or the message’s body in Gmail for cover sheet text.  You don't need to include a cover letter if you don't want to.
  5. Add the files that are going to be faxing from Gmail. Services work with dozens of different formats including popular ones such as PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, TIFF and TXT.  To attach the file(s) , click on the paperclip icon (Attach files) on the bottom of the composing window. Mobile app users will find this icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  6. Click on the Send button and your document will be sent for conversion, then forwarded to the receiver's machine.

Once you send your fax, you'll receive a confirmation message containing all the details of the fax you have just sent.  A copy of the the confirmation message will also be available on your Gmail fax service's dashboard.

This is an example what the top of your Gmail composing screen should look when you send a fax via Gmail:

Send fax from Gmail

Does Gmail Has Faxing Capabilities?

Strictly speaking, Gmail doesn't support faxing as a built-in function.  Google doesn't have a fax solution, but this doesn't mean we can find a workaround method.Thanks to third-party providers you can integrate faxing with your Gmail account and a Google-compatible virtual fax number.

Choosing a good Gmail fax service provider is important, because it will be in charge of linking a fax number to your email account.

Recommended Online Fax Services

Over the years, we've tested several online fax services in our offices, comparing them for speed, security, and integration with Gmail and other Google services.  Here are our picks for what we think are the best ones.

You can get started for free by signing up for a free trial with any of these recommended services:

eFax.   This is the biggest Gmail fax provider out there, with numbers available in multiple countries and cities.   Once you pick your number, it can be linked to any Gmail address. It is fully compatible with Gmail and other free email services as well. eFax's mobile app is the best one in the market, letting fax from pretty much anywhere.

RingCentral Fax.   This company has a fax from email solution as a stand-alone product or as part of their virtual office suite, RingCentral Office.  With years in the market, this company is always including new features to online fax. They provide coverage in the US, Canada and UK.

Is Faxing from Email Safe?

When using a high quality email fax service, you can be confident your documents are protected during the delivery process. Providers like the ones we recommend have the highest standards when it comes to security and privacy, ensuring compliance with different types of certifications, like for example HIPAA.

Among the technology that is used to protect your faxes, services have 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards, and during transmission, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security.

Why Fax Through Gmail?

It's cost-effective

Save the money you'd otherwise spend on a fax machine and a dedicated fax line.

It's Fast

Setting up and sending a fax online over email takes less than a minute.

It's Secure

It provides advanced protection, including 256-bit encryption and HIPAA compliance.  Learn more on: Is It Safe to Fax from Gmail?

Gmail Fax FAQ

Q: Can I Send Fax for Free?

Yes.  You can start faxing from Gmail at no cost through a free trial account with an online fax service.  These free trials usually last between 14-30 days and are a great way to test how things work.

Q: Can I Receive Fax on My Computer as Well?

Yes, online fax services let you receive faxes straight to your Gmail inbox.  To start receiving faxes on Gmail, simply link your email address to your online fax number at the moment of creating your service account. To make reading your digital faxes easier, services convert incoming fax to a PDF file before forwarding ti to your email..

Q: Can I Send Fax Using  My Mobile Phone?

Yes.  All the online fax services we have recommended have their own mobile fax apps that make it very easy to fax using a smartphone. You can also fax from your Gmail mobile app by following the steps detailed in this guide.

Q: Can I Send Fax Online using a Mac Computer?

Yes. This method is all web-based, which means that you can use a Mac or Macbook to fax, following the same steps.